Are Cutco Knives Good? [2 Unique Features + Pros And Cons]

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Cutco is a renowned kitchen cutlery manufacturer. Although the company produces various kitchen items, they are best known for their knives. But are Cutco knives good?

Cutco knives are some of the best quality, durable stamped knives with ergonomically riveted handles and sharp blades. Cutco also offers excellent return and replacement policies. However, Cutco knives are more expensive than other stamped knives and don’t have the same performance as forged knives.

Let’s take a deeper look at Cutco knives now.

Overview Of Cutco Knives

A good pair of knives is a cook’s most trusted kitchen accessory.

But the term “good” is subjective because it can vary according to individual preferences.

Now, Cutco is one of the most popular American brands of knives.

The company has been around since 1949 and has established itself as a leading producer of kitchen cutlery.

Their knives are one of their most popular products.

The brand prides itself on being exclusively American.

All their operations, from raw material sourcing to sales and manufacturing, occur in North America.

The company doesn’t offset the production cost by moving operations overseas.

So Cutco knives turn out to be more expensive than similar knives from other brands.

Although the price is high, Cutco has excellent return and replacement policies that make them worth considering.

They provide multiple guarantees and are highly committed to customer satisfaction.

Unlike standard guarantees offered by most brands, Cutco has a Forever Guarantee.

They cover performance, sharpness, and replacement benefits.

Can you believe that you can request a new set at half-price if your Cutco knives break, even if it’s due to misuse?

This extensive guarantee policy has earned Cutco an excellent reputation as a customer-centric brand.

However, the quality of a set of knives also depends on its functionality.

Let’s look at how Cutco knives fare in this regard.

3 Unique Features Of Cutco Knives

While most knife manufacturers provide a variety of options, Cutco has only one type of collection.

All their knives are made of the same materials and have the same design features.

1. Type Of Knives

Cutco knives have stamped blades, which means that they are made from steel sheets.

Now, forged blades are the superior choice for knives.

Stamped blades are not as strong or thick as forged metal knives because they are cut out from steel sheets.

Meanwhile, forged blades are made from a single piece of steel, and they have a thick bolster where the blade ends.

This bolster is missing in stamped blades.

You can easily sharpen forged knives, and they have a better grip.

Nonetheless, Cutco knives are suitable for most cutting tasks.

The high-quality 440A steel used for construction is heat-treated and buffed for better performance.

It’s durable and doesn’t rust.

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2. Handle Construction

Cutco knife handles are made of BPA-free engineered thermo-resin.

They’re sturdy, waterproof, and withstand heat.

Nickel silver rivets hold the blade in place.

They don’t protrude and are hence easy to clean and maintain.

Additionally, the alloy used for constructing these rivets is corrosion-resistant and doesn’t tarnish.

Now, Cutco knife handles have a unique shape. They feature an undulating pattern that provides an easy grip.

You can see how the curves are by placing the knife on its side.

The company calls this unique shape the “wedge-lock.” It makes it easy to hold and balance the knife.

The handles come in three different colors, and all three versions have a marble pattern.

3. Blade

The stamped blade of Cutco knives uses high-quality stainless steel.

They are polished almost all the way, leaving a narrow stretch of hollow ground edge, which improves cutting precision.

This design feature allows chopped ingredients to slide off the blade without sticking to the surface.

The blade doesn’t end where the handle begins but runs the entire length of the knife.

The slender piece of steel that the handle encases helps to balance the knife well.

Cutco knives either have a straight edge or a Double-D edge.

Straight-edged knives produce clean and straight cuts. You can sharpen these knives by yourself.

Meanwhile, Double-D edge knives have recessed edges and pointed teeth.

Due to their unique structure, you will not be able to sharpen these knives at home.

Pros Of Cutco Knives

If you are wondering whether you should buy Cutco knives, here are the factors that make them highly attractive.

1. Good performance.

Good performance knives

Although Cutco knives use stamped blades, they are suitable for most types of cutting and chopping.

The high-quality material and design details make them valuable for home cooks.

The blades don’t dull easily and last for years without breaking.

2. Easy to clean.

Cutco knives are made of corrosion-resistant steel, which is durable and easy to clean.

These knives are dishwasher-friendly.

The handles and rivets also hold up well.

The rivets sit flush against the handle, leaving no gaps for food or soap to stick.

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3. Ease of use.

Cutco knives have a unique “wedge-lock” design that makes them easy to handle.

These knives also have a stainless-steel bar in the handle that improves grip and balance.

These factors make it convenient to handle these knives.

4. Good replacement, return, and after-sale service.

One of the most attractive things about Cutco knives is their excellent customer service.

The brand currently offers a 15-day money-back guarantee.

Additionally, they address quality issues and even offer replacements at half-price if there are any other issues.

If the blades dull, Cutco will sharpen them for you for free.

Not many brands offer this level of commendable customer service.

Cons Of Cutco Knives

Given below are some cons of Cutco knives.

1. Price.

Cutco knives are more expensive than other brands that offer stamped blade knives.

You can find high-quality forged knives from other brands at similar or lesser prices.

2. Limited options.

Cutco has only one product line. So your options are limited when you choose this brand.

The material and method of construction remain the same for all Cutco knives.

You must settle for this if you decide to go for this brand, whereas you may have more options if you choose another brand.

3. Handle shape and size.

The unique ergonomic design of Cutco knife handles is suitable for most users.

However, it may be difficult to handle if your hands are too small or too big.

The wavy structure of the handle is perfect for people with average-size hands.

However, it can be difficult if your hands are not average-size.

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The verdict—Are Cutco Knives Worth It?

If you are looking for a good-quality, well-designed, highly durable set of knives, Cutco is a good choice.

These knives will last for years, and you can use them for almost any cutting and chopping task in the kitchen.

These knives are easy to clean, have good design features, and perform well.

However, Cutco knives are expensive compared to other brands.

If you prefer forged blade knives, you can find plenty of other options for the same price.

However, other brands may not offer the same level of after-sales service that Cutco does.

The raving customer reviews of Cutco knives are proof of the brand’s commitment to customers.

Cutco has your back even if you damage your knives.

We believe that this aspect alone makes Cutco knives a good buy.

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