Who Are We?

Image of a kitchen

We are a team of three, and as you might have guessed by now, we love working in a kitchen!

It is this fascination that led us to start this website KitchenCuddle.com.

What We Do…

We love reading about kitchens, and this website is our outlet to share the information that we gather about various kitchen related topics with you.

So please don’t take any advice given on this website as the gospel of truth.

We are humans after-all, and humans make mistakes.

If you find anything wrong with any of the information on this website, then just contact us and let us know.

We will be happy to correct it.

Furthermore, we place Google Ads on this site so that we can earn something to keep this site running.

We hope you don’t hate us for that.

This money helps us to make this website better and write more useful information.

We also offer advertising space for companies related to kitchen, cooking, and home in general.

All of the links that we place on this website to any products, and companies, we do them because we trust these companies. But we do not run their businesses. So if you run into any issues with any of these companies, please do let us know too.

Finally, we really hope you enjoy reading everything we have to say.

If you have any questions or suggestions, just let us know.

-Anushree R.