Can You Use A Griddle On A Glass Top Stove? [How To Do It?]

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Since glass top stoves are delicate, you may think twice about using heavy cast iron cookware on them. So, can you use a griddle on a glass top stove?

Yes, you can use a griddle on a glass top stove with some precautions. Don’t place the griddle roughly or slide it on the glass top stove as it can damage the glass top. Cast iron griddles with a porcelain enamel base are best for glass top stoves as they’re unlikely to cause marks and scratches.

Let’s delve deeper into this now.

Challenges Of Using A Griddle On A Glass Top Stove

Glass top stoves are a beautiful addition to any kitchen.

However, they are more delicate than other types of stoves.

The fragile glass surface can easily develop scratches and cracks.

While scratches can damage their visual appeal, cracks can render them unusable.

Hence, these stoves require a ton of care.

Due to the delicate nature of the cooking surface, you should choose your cookware carefully.

Cookware with rough or ridged bases can scratch the surface.

Using heavy cookware is also risky because it will damage the surface if it falls.

Now, griddles are usually made of cast iron, which is heavy and bulky.

So it may not look like a good choice for a glass top stove.

Sometimes, cast iron griddles can have a rough or ridged finish.

This can scratch the smooth surface of a glass top stove.

Another important factor is that cast iron griddles occupy a large area.

Since glass stovetops have flat burners, the heat distribution will not be even if the griddle has a warped or rounded bottom.

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Factors To Keep In Mind When Using A Griddle On A Glass Top Stove

Cast iron griddles are a valuable asset despite the constraints we discussed earlier.

So any enthusiastic cook would want to explore the option of using this cookware on a glass stovetop.

Although you can buy aluminum or non-stick griddles, they wouldn’t provide the same benefits as a cast iron griddle.

Now, the good news is that you can still use griddles on a glass top stove if you pay attention to the following.

1. Choose A Griddle Of The Right Weight

Glass top stoves can’t hold much weight.

Placing heavy cookware that exceeds the stress capacity of a glass top stove can compromise its integrity and break it.

You should place only 20 to 30 lbs on a glass top stove at a time.

If you exceed this weight limit, small hairline cracks may appear on the stove.

Now, this is a big concern when using iron griddles.

You shouldn’t only account for the weight of the griddle but also the ingredients you place inside it.

The total weight shouldn’t exceed 50 lbs, or it can exert too much pressure on the stovetop.

Griddles made of aluminum or non-stick material are not as heavy.

So these are a safer option for glass top stoves.

2. Choose Griddles With Good Handles

Most griddles don’t have heatproof handles. So handling them can be difficult.

This can be extra-risky when you are dealing with a glass top stove.

It wouldn’t be a big problem if you accidentally dropped a griddle pan on any other stove.

However, a glass stovetop can crack and get damaged. So choose griddles with good handles to avoid such risks.

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3. Stick To A Safe Operating Temperature

Griddle working at safe operating temperature

Some recipes for griddles involve high-temperature cooking. Glass stovetops may be unable to reach such high temperatures.

Another potential issue is the build-up of heat.

You may already know that cast iron griddles retain heat for a long time, and they slowly but consistently build up their temperature.

If the heat becomes too much, it can create a problem for your glass stovetop.

This problem doesn’t occur if you use aluminum or non-stick griddles.

4. Pay Attention To The Shape Of The Base

Cookware with flat, smooth bases is ideal for glass top stoves.

However, some cast iron griddles have uneven bases with ridges on the bottom.

If you place a griddle with an uneven base on a glass top stove, it can take a very long time to heat.

This will increase your cooking time. Additionally, the uneven base can mark the surface and cause scratches.

To avoid such problems, always choose flat base griddles for your glass top stove.

A griddle with an enamel-porcelain finish will be even better because they offer more protection from scratches.

Can You Use A Griddle On A Glass Top Electric Stove?

You can use a griddle on a glass top electric stove only if it satisfies certain criteria.

Firstly, electric glass top stoves will work only with cookware with flat bottoms.

So, you should only choose flat-base griddles for glass top electric stoves.

Additionally, the griddle should have a smooth base without any ridges.

The presence of ridges can cause the glass surface to develop scratches.

When using a griddle on a glass top electric stove, be careful not to drag the griddle or drop it.

The surface can easily develop scratches or hairline cracks if you accidentally drop or drag a heavy griddle.

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Can You Use A Double Burner Griddle On A Glass Top Stove?

One of the biggest advantages of using a double burner griddle is its large cooking surface.

You can easily prepare a lot of food on this type of cookware since it can hold more food than a single burner griddle.

Double burner griddles will usually have a flat surface with an area that spreads over two burners.

It can easily hold several pancakes, sandwiches, and other ingredients at once.

Such griddles always have a rectangular shape and conveniently sit on two burners.

You can use a double burner griddle on a glass top stove only if it has a flat surface.

The flat surface will allow even distribution of heat along the entire surface without creating any concentrated hot spots.

Double burner griddles with a warped or round base aren’t suitable for glass top stoves.

You should also avoid using griddles with external ridges on a flat glass top stove.

These griddles can scratch the surface and even cause hairline cracks to appear.

Most double burner griddles are made of cast iron.

Although you can use this material for cooking on a glass stove, it can present problems.

Remember that cast iron retains heat. Since glass is delicate, it may not be able to withstand high temperatures.

So avoid heating the griddle to very high temperatures.

When using a cast iron double burner griddle, you should be very careful while placing and removing it from the stove.

The griddle will be very heavy. If you accidentally drop it, the stove can crack.

So wait until it has cooled completely to move it. Be very careful while handling it, even if it’s empty and cool.

You can also find non-stick and aluminum double burner griddles in the market. These are better suited for glass stoves.

However, they are lighter than cast iron griddles.

So you may not get the same quality results as you would with a cast iron griddle.

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