Can Woks Go In The Oven? (Which Woks Are Oven-Safe?)

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Nowadays, woks have become quite a popular cooking tool. Originally from China, their popularity has spread all over the world as people find them quite handy to use. Compared to a typical frying pan, they spread heat more evenly and require less oil. Woks are quite versatile. They can be used for deep-frying, steaming, and smoking. But the question is, can woks go in the oven?

Yes, woks can go in the oven. Most good woks that are available in the market today are designed to withstand extreme heat. Even 500°F temperature will usually not damage a well-made wok. However, if the wok is made of wood, stick, rubber, or plastic components, the oven heat will damage the wok.

Let’s have an in-depth discussion about woks and if it’s safe to use them in the oven. We will also discuss how to season a wok in the oven and also give you picks for the woks that can and can’t go in the oven. So be sure to read on to find out more. This will certainly be an insightful read.

Why Are Woks Safe To Go In The Oven?

Most people agree that woks are good for cooking just about anything.

They can be used for deep-frying, steaming, smoking, and also blanching.

When using a wok for these purposes, it’s always important to choose a durable one.

You should pick one that can withstand high temperatures.

However, the question that comes up often is, can a wok be placed in an oven? Is it safe to put a wok in an oven?

There isn’t a straight answer to these questions. It all entirely depends on a couple of factors.

What makes a wok oven safe or not is the material that is used to make it.

Ovens usually have high temperatures, and therefore, if you put a wok that isn’t oven-safe inside the oven, it will most likely get ruined.

Woks that are susceptible to being ruined when put in an oven are especially the ones that are made out of fragile handles (for example, wood, plastic, and rubber handle woks).

This also includes woks that have plastic gaskets and seals.

All these are prime candidates for melting and ruining an otherwise perfectly good wok.

So if you have a wok that is made up of parts that cannot withstand high temperatures, it isn’t safe to put it in an oven.

Nowadays, most woks are made in such a way that they can withstand high temperatures.

No damage can happen to these woks even if they are exposed to high temperatures, for example, 500°F.

Note that for a wok to withstand such temperatures, it must be well made.

The most common materials that are used to make woks nowadays are carbon steel and cast iron.

These materials are quite durable and can withstand the high temperatures in ovens.

Most preferable are woks made of carbon steel because carbon steel is durable and heats up quickly and evenly.

This means that the chances of such woks being ruined are quite small.

The truth is that most people are divided on whether it’s safe to put a wok in the oven.

We recommend thinking carefully about whether your wok can withstand high temperatures or not.

You’ll probably know this if you’ve used it before.

If you feel that it may not be safe to put in the oven, we recommend getting a cheap one so that if it gets ruined, you won’t lose much.

Alternatively, get a sturdy one that doesn’t have wooden, plastic, or rubber handles and which can withstand high oven temperatures.

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Woks That Can Go in the Oven

Here are some woks that can be kept in an oven.

1. Carbon Steel Woks

Carbon steel is the most widely used material on modern-day woks. It combines fast and even heating with top durability.

These woks can go into the oven and will not be ruined in any way.

They can withstand the high temperatures in the oven, and this makes them a popular choice for most people today.

2. Cast Iron Woks

Cast iron woks are some of the most durable in the world.

They are capable of withstanding very high temperatures, and they are also capable of holding onto heat longer than other cookware materials.

They are designed to hold on to heat to save time and energy, and it is this design that makes it possible to put them in an oven without ruining them.

3. Stainless Steel Woks

High-quality stainless steel woks are also quite durable. They can hold up for years when well cared for.

Stainless steel woks are non-reactive.

This means that they don’t react to heat, unlike cookware made of aluminum or copper.

4. Ceramic Woks

These aren’t quite as popular as the other woks, but the good news is that they too are oven proof.

Ceramic woks are similar to heat resistant glass in that they can withstand extremely high temperatures without being ruined, even by temperatures reaching 450°F.

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Woks That Are Not Safe for Oven

Given below are the woks that are not safe to keep in an oven.

1. Non-Stick Woks

Non-stick or Teflon coated woks are quite popular and are found just about everywhere.

Their attraction is that they are easy to clean up, and they don’t require seasoning.

However, the problem with non-stick woks is that they are not made for high heat cooking.

Even the best non-stick wok brands cannot withstand temperatures of 500°F.

So putting these woks in the oven would be pushing them to the limit.

2. Plastic Handle Woks

Under high temperature, plastic melts easily.

So woks that have plastic handles should never go in the oven.

3. Rubber Handle Woks

Woks that have handles made of rubber are not oven safe.

This is because rubber melts under high temperatures.

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4. Wood Handle Woks

Some woks have handles that are made of wood.

These should never go into the oven since the handles may break off when exposed to high temperatures.

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