Manufacturing Locations of 8 Different Types of Whirlpool Appliances

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Whirlpool was established in the early 1900s.

Since then, it has grown into one of the most trusted home appliances brands worldwide.

The company has its headquarters in the USA but has a global presence, which brings us to the question…

Where are its appliances made?

The Locations of Whirlpool Factories Across the Globe

Whirlpool has 33 manufacturing units internationally and 70 manufacturing facilities, including several technical research centers.

In the USA alone, Whirlpool has nine factories, out of which five are in Ohio. The remaining factories in the USA are in Iowa, Tulsa, Tennessee, and Massachusetts. The company also has at least two manufacturing units each in Italy, Mexico, Poland, Brazil, and India.

Though Whirlpool is the flagship brand, it markets products under various other brand names as well.

You may have heard of Maytag, KitchenAid, Ignis, Indesit, and JennAir.

All these brands are associated with Whirlpool.

Where Are the Various Whirlpool Appliances Manufactured?

While refrigerators are the main and most popular Whirlpool product in the market, the brand also manufactures various other household appliances like washers, water filters, cooking ranges, ovens, stoves, and more.

Let’s look at each of these items and where they are manufactured.

1. Whirlpool Washing Machines

Whirlpool is an industry leader in washing machines.

The brand has been producing washing machines since 1911 and has a good reputation for producing high-quality, reasonably-priced, and durable washers that do an excellent job of cleaning clothes.

They have several models, both front-loading and top-loading, with semi-automatic and fully-automatic operating modes.

The bulk of Whirlpool washing machines is manufactured in North America, mostly in its factories in Ohio.

However, they also have manufacturing units in China, Italy, and other locations.

Apart from Whirlpool-branded machines, the brand also produces Maytag washing machines which are popular in the American market.

Previously, Whirlpool manufactured washing machines in China.

However, due to changes in the China manufacturing plant, they have stopped producing washing machines there.

The company has recently announced that it’s closing its operations in China.

So all the manufacturing in China will be moved elsewhere.

Initially, manufacturing in China was moved to Ohio.

Here, its plant in Greenville handles most of the manufacturing.

The company also intends to boost production in more of its USA-based plants to handle the growing demand.

2. Whirlpool Cooking Range

Whirlpool electric ranges are a great hit in the market, with both single and double-range options available.

These are also pocket-friendly, making it easy for families to buy these appliances for a small budget.

Apart from simple starter designs, Whirlpool also has standard and premium ranges with advanced cooking features.

They have both gas-based and electricity-based options.

Starter cooking range models include features like spill guard cooktops, self-cleaning cycles, and speed heat burners.

Meanwhile, standard cooktops even include air-fry and convection cooking modes.

Premium ranges are a class apart with high-quality cast iron grates, smart functionalities, and even scan-to-cook options.

Most Whirlpool electric and gas cooking ranges are produced in Michigan, USA.

The bulk of the market for these products is also located in the USA.

The manufacturing facility in Benton, Michigan, is mainly concerned with this product line.

3. Whirlpool Ovens

Whirlpool has an impressive range of ovens. These include both microwave and traditional convection ovens.

Apart from producing ovens under the Whirlpool brand name, the company also manufactures ovens under the Maytag name.

All the USA-based manufacturing units of Whirlpool produce ovens. These include:

  • Iowa,
  • Amana,
  • Tulsa,
  • Oklahoma,
  • Ohio,
  • Grenville, and
  • Marion.

While Whirlpool manufactures most of its ovens in USA-based manufacturing plants, a few other plants around the world also have oven-manufacturing units.

4. Whirlpool Refrigerators

Kitchen with refrigerator

Whirlpool refrigerators are second in demand only to their washing machines.

Hence, it’s not surprising that Whirlpool prioritizes its refrigerator manufacturing.

You can find Whirlpool refrigerators in every size, dimension, and design imaginable.

They have a stunning variety of single-door, double-door, French-door, top-freezer, four-door, and bottom-freezer models in different sizes and colors.

The refrigerators are designed with a focus on maximizing space for storage.

They also come with various innovative features, like fingerprint-resistant surfaces.

Most Whirlpool refrigerators are manufactured in its factories in the USA.

Of all the different factories, the Michigan factory is primarily concerned with refrigerator manufacturing.

After the USA, the bulk of refrigerator manufacturing occurs in the plants in Mexico.

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5. Whirlpool Filters

Whirlpool has always been actively involved in health and safety, and the brand has its own line of water filters and purifiers.

These are in high demand all over the world, especially in countries where the quality of tap water is poor.

Whirlpool filters are highly preferred because they tend to last longer than other brands and deliver reliable performance.

Additionally, they are built with design features that minimize maintenance.

The filters are robust and highly durable.

Most whirlpool water filter manufacturing units are in North America.

The manufacturing unit in Luka, Mississippi, handles most of the manufacturing of filter units.

6. Beverage and Wine Chillers

Whirlpool wine coolers are an attractive addition to any home or bar setting with their superior yet functional features.

These devices come with attractive LED lighting, precise temperature controls, and stylish designs.

There are a variety of designs, including those that fit under the counter, those that go on the counter, and free-standing models.

These wine and beverage coolers efficiently store wine at temperatures close to 55°F to preserve the aroma and flavor of the contents.

Most of the wine and beverage coolers by Whirlpool are manufactured in North America.

This is where most of the customer market for these products is located.

Hence, you can find wine and beverage manufacturing units attached to most of the refrigerator units in the USA.

7. Whirlpool Compactors

Households that are keen on reducing waste volume and controlling odor prefer to invest in trash compactors.

These devices help you fit multiple loads of waste into a single trash bag by compressing the waste into a limited space.

Additionally, using home compactors also eliminates foul waste odors and keeps the kitchen and associated spaces smelling fresh.

Whirlpool has three different trash compactors that suit such requirements.

These 15-inch convertible trash compactors are sleek and functional appliances that easily blend into any home setting.

They come in three different colors—black, white, and stainless steel.

The basic model comes with automatic anti-jam and hidden or removable control features.

The advanced model has a clean touch console and more attractive features than the basic model.

This household equipment is manufactured in Whirlpool’s manufacturing units in the USA.

8. Whirlpool Dishwashers

Whirlpool dishwashers are practical home appliances that make cleaning up after meals much easier.

They come with various attractive features like Automatic Soil sensor technology and auto cleaning.

These appliances are also built to meet energy-star guidelines and reduce power and water consumption. Related Reading: How Long Do Whirlpool Dishwashers Take?

These dishwashers come in different sizes and colors, making it easy to find one that fits into different kitchen settings.

Most dishwasher models are made in Findlay, Ohio.

Apart from the Whirlpool-branded dishwashers, the company also brings out KitchenAid, Maytag, Amana, and JennAir dishwashers.

All these dishwashers are manufactured in dedicated units in the USA.

Since they belong to the same parent company, you may notice that most of them share certain common features and are premium dishwashers.

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