A Unique Strawberry that Tastes Like Pineapple + 13 Popular Ones


Strawberries and pineapples share only a few common characteristics.

So it’s surprising that there is a strawberry that not only tastes like pineapples but resembles it too.

But Which strawberry taste like pineapple?

Strawberry that Tastes Like Pineapple

Pineberries, also known as hula berries or white strawberries, are an exotic variety of strawberries that taste like pineapples. These strawberries hail from North America. They are a natural hybrid of native red strawberries and Chilean white strawberries.

They look like photo-negative strawberries with white flesh and red spots.

Going by how they look, you may expect pineberries to be genetically modified strawberries or a hybrid variety created in the lab.

However, it’s not so.

These strawberries occur naturally and are a non-GMO variety that you can even grow in your yard.

Pineberries were developed using traditional farming methods, and the fruits look exquisite with red flecks on white flesh.

They also have the distinct tangy flavor of pineapples.

You can grow pineberries in your garden by planting normal red strawberries and hula berries in a 1:3 ratio near each other.

This will promote cross-pollination between the two plants.

Though cross-pollinated plants will not yield hybrid fruits, plants grown from the seeds of their berries will be pineberries.

They will have the visual characteristics and flavor of pineapples.

Pineberry fruits start green and acquire a distinct pinkish-white hue when they ripen.

If the plant gets enough sun, the pinkish hue becomes more vivid.

Pineberries aren’t as easily available as regular strawberries.

Nevertheless, you can find them at Walmart, Amazon, and Instacart.

How to Use Pineberries?

Pineberries taste unique, and although they are related to strawberries, the flavor is entirely different. You can eat them raw.

They aren’t sweet like strawberries but are sharp and tangy.

You can also cook with pineberries.

They are versatile ingredients, suitable for various summer dessert recipes like pies.

These berries can also be mixed with regular strawberries in an equal ratio to create a mix of flavors.

This combination will look beautiful and taste delicious when used to garnish pies, puddings, and other desserts.

Other Popular Varieties of Strawberries

While pineberries are an exotic fruit that you may not find easily, there are plenty of other strawberry varieties that are sweet and tangy.

Let’s look at some of them.

1. Allstar Strawberries

Allstar strawberries are big and firm red strawberries. Their color isn’t too dark and intense.

However, they are large, and due to the size of the fruits, these strawberries are good for slicing and use in salads.

The fruit is glossy and doesn’t lose much liquid when sliced. The berries are sweet, juicy, and very flavorful.

Allstar strawberries are a mid to late-season variety. They are good for home gardeners.

These berries are easy to grow, and they yield good harvests.

2. Albion Strawberries

Albion strawberries look beautiful with their rich red-colored flesh and skin.

The fruits are large and symmetrical with a conical shape. They have firm flesh and are very sweet.

The high sugar content makes the fruit sweeter than most other varieties of strawberries.

Its unique flavor also makes it suitable for both raw eating and as an ingredient in desserts.

Albion strawberries produce plenty of fruit, and the plant is highly disease-resistant and hardy.

3. Alpine Strawberries

Alpine is an excellent choice if you are looking for a delicious and exotic strawberry.

These wild strawberries are from France. They are tinier than most other varieties and are very fragrant.

Alpine strawberries bear fruits throughout summer. They are just sweet enough to be eaten on their own.

However, it’s a common practice to sprinkle sugar on these berries to bring out their sweetness by letting them sit for some time.

4. Diamante Strawberries

Diamante strawberries are large and delicious fruits with stunning red color and excellent flavor.

They are very versatile fruits that you can enjoy raw or cook and add to desserts.

The large size and firm texture make them a good choice for dipping in chocolate and making chocolate-covered strawberries.

The subtle tanginess and strong sweetness work well with the creamy texture of chocolate.

You can also use these strawberries in pies and preserves.

5. Aroma Strawberries

Aroma strawberries

Aroma strawberries are a popular garden variety that is hardy, frost-resistant, and high-yielding.

These strawberries grow to large sizes and develop good flavors.

They also have a beautiful red color and a lovely sheen.

These strawberries hold up well, and they taste good whether eaten raw or used for cooking.

6. Earliglow Strawberries

Earliglow strawberries get their name from the fact that they are an early-yielding variety.

The strawberries are medium size with rich flavors.

This variety is widely grown for commercial use.

Earliglow strawberries grow to their largest size during the early season.

The fruit size decreases in subsequent batches as the season progresses.

7. Fragaria Virginiana Strawberries

Fragaria Virginiana is a wild strawberry variety that yields very flavorful, tiny strawberries.

This variety is often used to create hybrid strawberries for commercial sale.

Being a wild variety, Fragaria Virginiana strawberries are very hardy, and they grow well in a variety of sun and shade conditions.

They need minimum care and yield ample fruits.

8. Garden Strawberries

Garden strawberries are the most commonly available variety of strawberries in America.

These strawberries are well-rounded and have a mild flavor.

They are a versatile variety that is widely used for cooking as well as eating raw.

The original garden strawberry was cultivated as a hybrid of Fragaria Virginiana strawberries and a Chilean strawberry variety.

They have a long season that starts in spring and extends into fall.

9. Sweet Charlie Strawberries

These strawberries are distinctly sweet and juicy.

They are easily recognizable because of their orangish-red skin and white-streaked orange flesh on the inside.

The berries grow to medium size and are best for eating raw.

10. Rosa Linda Strawberries

Rosa Linda strawberries are full-bodied, highly delicious fruits with bright red color and medium size.

The fruits are aromatic and grow to the maximum size at the beginning of the season.

Fruits in consequent batches don’t grow as big but are flavorful.

11. Seascape Strawberries

Seascape strawberries are bright red triangular-shaped strawberries with shiny skin.

They look very sweet, but the flavor is subtle.

You will find the flavor to be an equal mix of sweetness and tanginess.

This makes the fruit good for cooking, and it shines in pies and puddings.

Seascape strawberries produce two crops every year.

The plant is easy to grow and maintain because it adapts well to climatic changes.

12. Hood Strawberries

Hood strawberries are a premium strawberry variety that is available only for a few weeks each year.

They are distinguished by their bright red fruits that acquire a beautiful dark red color when fully ripe.

They have a sweet flavor and are perfect for making ice cream. They are also good for use in jams and preserves.

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13. Ventana Strawberries

Ventana strawberries are a strawberry cultivar that originated in California.

The fruits of this variety grow to large sizes and are deliciously juicy and very moist.

They have a deep red color. The fruits are usually ready for harvest in June, and they hold up well for a few weeks.

You can use these strawberries in various ways. They are good for processing as well as eating raw.

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