12 Types of Strawberries that Are the Sweetest

Sweet strawberries

There are more than six hundred varieties of strawberries in the world.

However, not all of them are sweet.

Some varieties are tart, while others are a mix of sweetness and tartness.

Let’s look at some of the sweetest strawberry varieties.

12 Sweetest Strawberries

When you look for sweet strawberries, one of the most important factors is size.

Strawberries are usually at their sweetest when they are small to medium-sized because this is when the flavors are concentrated.

Now, let us turn our attention specifically to the different varieties of strawberries that are very sweet.

1. Alpine Strawberries

Alpine strawberries top the list of sweet strawberries because they are sweeter than most varieties.

These strawberry plants originated in France and are also called “mignonettes.”

The fruits have a conical structure, and they don’t grow too big.

Though small, they are intensely sweet and flavorful.

It further helps that these strawberries are prolific producers, so you get plenty of fruit during the harvesting period.

Alpine strawberries are an everbearing variety which means the plants produce two crops every year—one in early summer and the other in late summer.

Each plant produces fewer runners than other varieties, but they bear plenty of fruits.

2. Ozark Beauty Strawberries

These strawberries are aptly named because of how pretty the fruits look.

These strawberry plants were developed in Arkansas as an everbearing variety of strawberries.

The fruits look incredibly beautiful, with glossy red skin and yellow seeds.

Ozark Beauty strawberries are adaptable plants that grow in a variety of temperatures and soil conditions.

They are hardy and disease-resistant, making them a good cultivar.

The fruits are very sweet and perfect for snacking.

They have an intense honey-like sweetness and medium to firm texture.

3. Honey Oye Strawberries

Honey Oye strawberries are June-bearing strawberries that produce large and firm orange-red fruits in abundance.

This plant is one of the heaviest producers in the strawberry family.

The ample produce and the rich flavors of Honey Oye strawberries make it one of the most commercially viable breeds.

The fruits grow to almost the same size during the harvest season, and they have a concentrated sweetness.

They are good for snacking as well as cooking.

Honey Oye strawberry plants are resilient and adapt to a variety of growing conditions.

4. Camino Real Strawberries

Camino Real strawberries are bright red strawberries with firm flesh and a dark red color.

They are a relatively newer hybrid that is now widely available in markets.

This strawberry has an excellent shelf-life, and it’s widely popular for its delicious taste.

Camino Royal plants are highly disease-resistant, and they produce yields early in the season.

While flavorful, Camino Royal strawberries have an intense sweetness.

You can eat them raw as well as cook with them. These fruits work well in both situations.

5. Earliglow Strawberries

Earliglow strawberries

As the name suggests, Earliglow strawberries are early producers.

The fruits grow to medium size and develop beautiful, well-balanced flavors.

The sweetness of the fruit is evident, and it has the most concentrated flavors when it’s medium size and fully ripe.

The specialty of this fruit is that it sets and ripens faster than all the other flowers.

Other appealing characteristics of this fruit include its conical shape and excellent sweet flavor.

This variety is commonly used in jams and preserves for its intense flavors.

6. Rosie Strawberries

Rosie is one of the sweetest early varieties of strawberries.

While most of the early strawberry varieties have a brisk taste and are sparingly sweet, Rosie is an exception.

It’s easy to grow and vigorously produces fruits during the growing season.

The fruits are ready for harvesting in early June.

They look very appealing with their glossy red skin and even conical shape.

They are great for eating raw but are just as good to cook with.

7. Elvira Strawberries

Elvira is an early variety of strawberries that originated in Europe.

The plant produces large, juicy fruits with excellent flavor.

They produce a good yield, and the fruits are ready to be harvested in June.

The plants grow tall and are best grown outdoors.

The fruits are bright red with a slight vermillion hue that acts as a distinguishing characteristic.

They are very juicy with a mild non-acidic taste.

Elvira strawberries are relatively disease-resistant, except for being occasionally affected by mildew.

8. Talisman Strawberries

Talisman is a British strawberry variety that isn’t usually seen in supermarkets.

The plants produce medium-sized deep red strawberries.

They have a distinct but irresistible fragrance that adds to their appeal, which is entirely lacking in common supermarket varieties.

The plant is characterized by dark green foliage, and the fruits are rich and flavorful.

They have a soft melt-in-the-mouth texture, making them one of the finest and sweetest strawberries you can find.

9. Rhapsody Strawberries

Rhapsody is an indigenous variety from Scotland with fine sweet flavors.

The plant has pale, crinkly leaves and produces flowers in all weather conditions.

The fruits, however, appear and ripen only by late summer.

The fruits are long and firm. These strawberries are a favorite because of their deliciously indulgent flavors.

They are full-bodied with well-balanced flavors and taste sweet and complex.

These strawberries are fragrant, which further enhances their appeal.

They are good for eating as well as for cooking.

10. Sparkle Strawberries

Sparkle strawberries are star fruits that shine wherever they go.

These fruits not only look beautiful but also taste great.

They have a beautiful red color and a rich and fragrant aroma adding to their appeal.

These strawberries are widely-preferred for making high-quality jams and preserves.

They are also used for fruit displays and on cheese boards.

11. Sequoia Strawberries

Sequoia strawberry is a hybrid variety that is specifically adapted to the climate of California.

Sequoia strawberries are soft and plump with a beautiful red color.

These strawberries are highly desirable because of their complex flavor.

Not only are they sweet but also bursting with flavors and fragrances.

This variety is a favorite with home gardeners because they can be grown in containers.

The plant is hardy and adapts to almost any soil condition. It bears fruit for several months.

They can be eaten raw and used to make different desserts, jams, and fruit preserves.

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12. Sweet Charlie Strawberries

Sweet Charlie is one of the most vigorously growing strawberry plants.

It produces heavy yields throughout the growing season.

Due to their prolific growth and hardiness, these strawberries are grown commercially.

The plant doesn’t succumb to diseases easily and needs little maintenance and care.

You will find this variety in most supermarkets and farmer’s markets.

The fruits are large and very sweet. They have a firm texture.

You can cook with them and use them in pies and preserves.

However, it’s important to use Sweet Charlie strawberries quickly after harvesting since they don’t have a long shelf life.

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