5 Simple Steps to Make Fried Rice with Rice Cooker

Fried rice cooked in rice cooker

You can make fried rice in a rice cooker. The typical way to do this is by using the dump-and-go rice cooker recipe. If the rice cooker has a sauté function, you can fry the vegetables in the rice cooker itself. In the absence of this function, you can either use a frying pan to fry the ingredients on the stovetop or skip this step.

Steps to Make Fried Rice in The Rice Cooker without The “Sauté” Function

Simple rice cookers usually have only a Cook and Keep Warm function.

Some of them may have controls for different types of rice but rarely include a “Sauté” function.

You can make fried rice in these rice cookers by following these steps.

1. Prepare the Rice for Cooking

Choose the right type of rice for the best results.

For making Chinese fried rice, the best choices are jasmine rice or any other variety of short-grain rice.

These varieties of rice will produce a nice and fluffy texture.

After measuring the desired amount of rice, rinse it properly to clean the rice and get rid of any excess starch.

You may have to wash the rice two to three times to get this right.

2. Prepare the Rest of The Ingredients

You can use a wide variety of ingredients and various recipes to make fried rice.

Some of the most used ingredients are frozen vegetables, butter or oil, and eggs.

You can also add sausages, seafood, chicken, or other types of meat based on your preferences.

Large pieces of meat will remain uncooked if you directly add them to a rice cooker.

You can either partially cook them before adding them to the cooker.

Alternatively, you can also chop them into tiny pieces so they cook faster in the rice cooker.

Also, prepare the flavoring ingredients like onions, garlic, spring onions, fish sauce, soy sauce, and chicken broth for a stronger flavor.

Chop all the ingredients finely to use them in the recipe.

3. Add the Ingredients to The Rice Cooker

The best thing about cooking fried rice in a rice cooker is that you can simply add all the ingredients, mix, and start the rice cooker.

The appliance will take care of the rest.

So once you have assembled and measured the ingredients, you can proceed to this step.

Add the rice, chopped onions, garlic, spring onions, soy sauce, fish sauce, and butter or oil to the cooking pot. Give it a swirl to make it mix.

Then add the vegetables and chopped sausage or meat into the pot and a beaten egg at the very top.

4. Enable the “Cook” Function

After adding all the ingredients, close the lid of the rice cooker. Then engage the “Cook” button. The rice cooker will start cooking.

You don’t have to supervise the process or check on the ingredients during the cooking process. It will happen automatically.

When the rice cooks and absorbs all the moisture, the rice cooker will automatically switch to “Keep Warm” mode or shut down.

Wait for a few minutes to open the rice cooker lid. This will allow the rice and vegetables to absorb any remaining moisture.

5. Mix the Contents

After waiting for a few minutes after the rice cooker switches to “Keep Warm” or shuts down, you can open the lid.

Gently fluff up the rice and mix the ingredients with a fork or spatula. The purpose of doing so is to separate the rice and make it softer.

The fried rice is ready to serve at this stage.

Steps to Make Fried Rice in The Rice Cooker with The “Sauté” Function

Homemade fried rice

Advanced rice cooker models with multiple cooking options will usually include a “Sauté” function.

In this case, you can fry the vegetables to enhance the taste of the fried rice.

Here are the steps to make fried rice in a rice cooker with the “Sauté” function.

1. Prepare the Rice

Rinse and wash the rice so it’s devoid of dirt. Also, get rid of any excess starch by washing it two or three times.

Measure the accurate amount of liquid to cook the rice.

2. Prepare the Rest of The Ingredients

If the rice cooker has a sauté function, you can use it to gently fry the fried rice ingredients.

Engage the “Sauté” function on the rice cooker and add enough oil to fry the vegetables and meat.

When the oil is hot, add the vegetables and meat and toss them around till they are fried on the outside.

This will usually not be as effective as sauteing the vegetables on a stovetop because of the lower heat.

Nonetheless, it will crisp up the vegetables and improve their texture in the fried rice.

You can add the rice and mix it in with the sauteed vegetables and toss it around a few times.

3. Add the Broth or Water to The Cooking Pot

The next step is to add the cooking liquid to the cooking pot with the rest of the ingredients.

Also, add the soy sauce and other ingredients for flavoring at this stage.

Finally, add the beaten eggs at the very top and close the lid.

4. Switch to Cooking Mode

After adding the cooking liquid and seasonings, close the lid and switch to the “Rice-cooking” mode.

Allow the rice to slowly cook in the liquid and expand. You will not have to check on the contents during the process.

5. Switch to “Keep Warm” Mode

Open the lid only after the cooker has switched to Keep Warm mode. Gently fluff the rice using a fork or spatula.

Then toss it around to mix the rice properly. This will help the rice grains expand and become softer. You can serve it at this stage.

An Alternative Method to Make Fried Rice in A Rice Cooker

Most rice cookers don’t have a “Sauté” function. However, you can make the perfect fried rice in them without using the “Dump and go” method.

It would, however, involve an additional step.

For this method, you will prepare the rice separately in the rice cooker.

For the rest of the ingredients, you will have to use a frying pan for cooking.

Here are the steps involved:

  1. Cook the rice in the rice cooker as usual.
  2. Meanwhile, place the frying pan on the stove.
  3. Add oil and wait till it’s hot to add ginger and garlic, followed by the vegetables and meat.
  4. Stir the contents around till they are well-coated with oil and hot. The vegetables and meat should easily crisp up.
  5. Once these ingredients are done, push them to the side of the pan and break the eggs in the center.
  6. Scramble the eggs till they are well done and mix with the vegetables and meat.
  7. Take the pan off the heat and add the cooked rice to it. Mix the rice with the rest of the contents.
  8. Drizzle soy sauce and garnish with spring onions for serving.

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