How to Cook Basmati Rice in Different Aroma Rice Cookers?

Basmati rice cooked in rice cooker

The wide range of Aroma rice cookers in the market ensures that there is something for every price range.

This brand offers a variety of induction cookers, multicookers, and dedicated rice cooker options.

So, you have immense flexibility and convenience to cook all types of rice, including basmati rice.

Let’s look at how to make perfect fragrant basmati rice in different Aroma rice cookers.

Steps to Cook Basmati Rice in An Aroma Rice and Grain Cooker

The stainless-steel Aroma rice and grain cooker is the right size to cook 2 to 6 cups of rice for a small to medium-sized family.

Here are the steps to follow when using this appliance.

1. Clean the Inner Pot

Remove the inner pot and clean it with water before cooking. Dry the pot before placing it inside the cooker’s body.

2. Measure the Rice

The Aroma rice cooker comes with a measuring cup for rice. Use this cup to measure the adequate quantity of basmati rice for cooking.

3. Wash and Rinse the Basmati Rice Thoroughly

Basmati rice is a long-grain rice. It’s not as starchy as other varieties of rice.

It’s important to wash this rice before cooking it to clean any dirt and dust on the surface.

Washing will also get rid of excess starch in the rice grains.

4. Measure the Right Amount of Water for Cooking

Use the same cup that comes with the appliance for measuring rice.

You can also use the water line present inside the rice cooker pot to add enough water.

So, for 1 cup of basmati rice, add enough water to reach the first line inside the cooking pot.

For two cups, the water level should be at the second line, and so on.

The right ratio of grain-to-water is available in the instruction manual of the rice cooker.

You can also refer to the package instructions on the rice packet for details.

5. Switch on The Rice Cooker

After adding the rice and water, close it with the lid. Plug the power cord into the supply and press the cook switch to start cooking.

The simple rice cooker has a light switch that stays illuminated during the cooking process.

6. Wait Till It Switches Off Automatically

The red light on the Aroma rice cooker remains lit throughout the cooking stage.

When the rice is ready, the switch will automatically flip up. This engages the “Keep Warm” mode. The rice is cooked at this stage.

7. Wait for Five Minutes to Serve the Rice

Technically, the rice is ready to serve when the rice cooker is in the “Keep Warm” mode.

However, we recommend waiting for five minutes after this mode is activated to serve the rice.

This extra time will allow the grains to absorb any excess moisture.

8. Fluff the Grains with A Fork or Spatula

You can open the lid after five minutes. Use a fork or spatula to break any clumps of rice. It will also help to fluff the grains and separate them.

The texture of the basmati rice will be soft and very tender when you do this. You can then serve the rice.

If you choose to refrigerate it for later use, wait till the rice reaches room temperature.

Transfer it to an airtight container and refrigerate. Don’t wait too long because rice deteriorates rapidly.

Waiting for too much time will promote faster spoilage.

Refrigerate it within two hours or less for food safety reasons.

Steps to Cook Basmati Rice in An Aroma Multicooker

Aroma rice and grain multicookers are more versatile than regular Aroma rice cookers.

They have additional features to cook a variety of grains apart from rice.

Though the cooking process is similar, you can customize the process better.

Let’s look at the different steps to cook basmati rice in an Aroma multicooker.

1. Prepare the Inner Pot for Cooking

To prepare the inner pot, simply wash and dry it thoroughly.

This pot will be placed inside the inner casing of the rice and grain multicooker.

2. Prepare the Basmati Rice for Cooking

Basmati rice being prepared for cooking

The second step is to get the rice ready.

Use the measuring cup that comes with the multicooker to measure and separate the required amount of basmati rice.

Cooking 1 cup of raw basmati rice yields 2 cups of cooked rice. You can use this ratio to plan your cooking.

After measuring the basmati rice, wash and rinse the rice thoroughly.

You can rinse it two or three times to get rid of any dirt on the surface and rinse out excess starch.

3. Add Enough Water

For basmati rice, the typical ratio of rice to water is 1: 2. You can also follow the lines inside the cooking pot for accurate measurements.

Fill the inner pot with water to the line that matches the number of cups of uncooked rice.

The ratio is also available in the instruction manual that comes with the device.

4. Plug in The Rice Cooker

Place the inner pot inside the rice cooker and close the lid securely. Plug the power cord in and turn the cooker on.

5. Choose the Right Multicooker Setting

There are multiple cooking options on the Aroma rice and grain multicooker. This allows you to customize the cooking process better.

For basmati rice, you can engage the “White Rice” cooking option. When you do, the red indicator light will switch on.

The digital display will be activated throughout the cooking process. The display will also inform you of how much time is left for the rice to cook.

6. Wait for The Cooker to Finish Cooking

Once the cooking cycle is over, the multicooker will switch to the “Keep Warm” mode.

The Aroma multicooker will produce a series of beeps to indicate the switchover to this mode.

In the “Keep Warm” mode, the rice remains at an elevated temperature. This prevents it from spoiling.

The rice cooker can remain in this mode for several hours.

7. Open the Lid After Five Minutes

We advise waiting for at least five minutes to open the lid after the multicooker switches to “Keep Warm” mode.

This extra time will allow the rice grains to absorb any excess moisture. After opening the lid, stir it with a fork or spatula.

It will fluff up the grains and break any clumps.

Turn the cooker off and serve the rice.

Likely Issues when Preparing Basmati Rice in An Aroma Rice Cooker

Using the right amount of water and rice ensures that the cooked rice has the right texture. But there may be exceptions.

Here is how you can fix it if the rice doesn’t achieve the right texture.

1. Rice Is Too Dry or Hard After Cooking

If the rice is too dry, add 1 cup of water to the rice. Close the lid and switch the cooker on.

When the cooker switches to “Keep warm” mode, open the lid and stir the rice. If it’s still dry, add another half-cup of water and repeat the process.

2. Rice Is Too Moist After Cooking

This usually happens because you added more water than necessary.

To fix the issue, use the spatula to redistribute the rice and release the excess moisture.

Close the lid and let it continue in “Keep Warm” mode for an extra ten to twenty minutes.

You can open the lid occasionally and stir the rice to speed up the release of moisture.

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