Griddle Temperature for French Toast: Finding the Ideal Temp.

French toast made on a griddle

French toast is a dish that is perfect for lazy Sundays as well as busy weekday mornings.

One of the best ways to prepare a big batch of French toast is on a griddle.

Since it has more area than a regular pan, you can complete your cooking quickly.

But what is the ideal griddle temperature for French toast? Let’s find out.

Ideal Griddle Temperature for French Toast

French toast cooks quickly at a temperature of 350°F on a griddle. If you use an electric griddle, set it to medium-high.

The toast will achieve a golden-brown color on either side in three minutes.

Bigger and thicker slices will take slightly longer to cook.

Steps to Make the Perfect French Toast on A Griddle

The perfect French toast has a caramelized exterior with a beautiful golden color. It will also be fluffy and soft.

You can easily make it on any griddle if you get the cooking temperature and recipe right.

Here are some ways to do this properly.

1. Use Thick Bread for The Recipe

You can make French toast using any type of bread.

Regular sandwich bread, Brioche, baguette, or even Challah produce fantastic results.

Nonetheless, thick and dry bread slices are the best choice because it results in creamier and fluffier French toast.

Thick bread will be firm, and it holds up well when you soak it in milk and egg.

You can use any type of bread for making French toast on a griddle.

But bread with a coarse surface tends to hold shape better.

If the bread is too thin and falls apart easily, lightly toast it before soaking it in the custard mixture.

It will crisp up and hold its shape better.

2. Avoid Soaking the Bread for Too Long

French toast made on a griddle tastes delicious when you soak it properly in the custard mixture.

However, you should time it correctly.

Bread will break apart when soaked for too long.

It can also become too soggy when left in the custard mixture for too much time.

To prevent the bread from becoming too difficult to manage, allow each side to soak for only ten seconds.

You can also prevent the bread from breaking apart by toasting the slices slightly before dipping them in the mixture.

Either toast the bread on a skillet on the stove or heat it in the microwave for a few seconds to dry it.

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3. Use the Right Mix of Egg and Milk

The best ratio is one egg for every two slices of bread when making French toast.

You can slightly vary this ratio, and it will not affect the outcome.

However, pay more attention to the amount of milk you use in the recipe.

Avoid using more than 1/4 cup of milk per egg. Too much milk will make the custard mixture too runny.

It will affect the consistency of the custard. Hence, you will end up with soggy French toast.

The flavor will also be less intense when the custard is too watery.

So use just enough milk for the egg to stick to the bread.

You can, in fact, make French toast without dairy if you prefer. For this, skip the milk from the recipe.

The flavor of the custard will change, and it will be thick and taste better.

You may also like to use only the egg yolk for preparing French toast if you prefer an intense flavor.

Too much egg white can make the French toast rubbery.

Using only the yolk of the egg will make it denser. The color will also be an intense yellow.

4. Whisk the Custard Well

Whisking custard

It’s very important to whisk the milk, egg, and sugar properly before soaking the bread.

The custard should have a uniform texture without any fatty bits.

If you use other ingredients like nutmeg, cinnamon, or vanilla in the French toast, beat them into the custard.

Proper mixing will ensure that the flavors are uniform throughout. So, every bite will be very satisfying.

You can also replace milk with evaporated milk for sweet French toast.

It will, however, increase the calories and make this breakfast staple more indulgent.

5. Pre-Heat the Griddle

The ideal griddle temperature for French toast is 350°F.

At this temperature, the outside of the bread caramelizes quickly and seals the custard within it.

Such French toast will have a delicious and crispy exterior. Meanwhile, it will be soft and fluffy on the inside.

This texture combination makes French toast delicious and enticing.

For the outside of the French toast to caramelize quickly, the griddle should be at the right temperature.

Hence, pre-heat the griddle to the desired heat level before placing the bread on it.

If you skip pre-heating the griddle, the French toast will take too long to cook.

You will also not achieve the crisp and caramelized texture and color.

Another common issue is that the toast will be soggy in the middle.

This happens when the griddle isn’t at the right temperature.

Managing time and temperature can be tricky if you don’t have a cooking thermometer.

However, this dish is quite forgiving.

So you don’t have to be precise.

Just ensure that the griddle is neither too hot nor cold, and the French toast will turn out well.

6. Always Supervise when Using a Single-Setting Griddle

Some electric griddles have only one heat setting.

In this case, it’s important to place the bread on the griddle and flip it at the right time for the best results.

If you don’t get the timing right, the outside will not crisp up, and the insides will not cook well.

You will end up with soggy and undercooked French toast.

If your griddle has only one setting, keep a close eye while cooking the toast to prevent it from burning.

One tip is to check the griddle heat by sprinkling a few drops of water on the surface.

If the droplets of water sizzle and evaporate, the temperature is just right.

Add the bread to the griddle. Gently lift it off the surface to check if the base has browned after two or three minutes.

If it has, you can flip it over. Then, cook it for three minutes on the other side.

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7. Use Butter and Cooking Spray for A Crispy Exterior

Applying butter to the griddle before placing the bread will make the French toast extra flavorful.

All you must do is spread a light layer of butter on the griddle surface and wait for it to melt.

Then, place the bread slices.

But remember that butter burns quickly.

If your griddle temperature gets too high, the butter will burn, and the griddle surface will start smoking.

This can ruin the texture and flavor of the French toast.

To prevent this problem, use a mixture of oil and butter or cooking spray and butter.

It will also reduce the amount of butter needed for cooking.

You just need a thin layer of this mixture on the surface to cook the toast.

However, take care to use neutral-flavored oil, or it can affect the flavor of the French toast.

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