Do Refrigerators Have A Reset Button? (Which Ones Have It?)

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Refrigerators are low-maintenance kitchen appliances. Nonetheless, refrigerators may sometimes become faulty and fail to maintain a steady temperature. When this happens, food safety is compromised. The inefficient operation can also lead to high energy bills. So you may wonder, do refrigerators have a reset button?

Some refrigerators have a reset button, and you can use it to restore the refrigerator to its original factory settings. However, if a refrigerator doesn’t have a reset button, you can unplug it from the power outlet for a few minutes. Then, when you plug it back in, the problem should get fixed.

Let’s talk about this in more detail now.

Is It Necessary To Reset A Refrigerator?

A refrigerator is an integral part of any kitchen as it extends the life of the food stored in it.

The following signs indicate that a refrigerator is malfunctioning:

  • The temperature changes randomly,
  • Food stored in it goes bad quickly,
  • Excess frost appears on the surface of the food,
  • It is very noisy and frequently kicks in and out of operation,
  • Moisture and water droplets appear on the door and sides.

Unless the refrigerator is old or its parts are damaged, these problems may not signal a big issue.

Refrigerators may temporarily malfunction when kept in spaces where the temperature becomes too high.

Similar issues may also arise if you don’t stock your refrigerator properly.

Changes in weather and temperature or power outages can also cause such problems.

Resetting the refrigerator will usually fix minor issues.

Now, some refrigerators have a reset button or switch. Simply pressing this button will reset the refrigerator.

However, not all refrigerators have a reset button.

When there is no reset button, you will have to attempt a Hard Reset.

To perform a hard reset, unplug the refrigerator from the power outlet. Leave it as such for thirty to forty-five minutes.

Then, plug it back in. When the refrigerator resumes operation, the problem will most likely have disappeared.

If the problem persists even after you perform a hard reset, you must do further troubleshooting.

It could be caused by an issue with the internal circuitry.

So, you may need to hire an expert to identify and address the problem.

Let’s now take a closer look at the most popular refrigerators in the market and how to reset them when they malfunction.

Do GE Refrigerators Have A Reset Button?

Most GE refrigerators don’t have a reset button.

Therefore, you must perform a hard reset if your GE refrigerator presents any issues.

To reset a GE refrigerator, move it away from the power outlet.

Next, flip the power switch followed by the shutoff switch and shutoff arm.

The shutoff switch is present inside the freezer.

Leave it without any power for several minutes.

Then plug it back in and wait for the appliance to start up. After it starts, you can flip the shutoff switch back on.

If your refrigerator doesn’t turn on or the reset doesn’t fix the problem, you may have to contact an expert.

Get in touch with an authorized GE service agent to fix the problem.

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Do LG Refrigerators Have A Reset Button?

Most LG refrigerators don’t have a reset button. Nonetheless, you can try the following for most models to fix common issues:

  • Open the freezer door and find the freezer switch. Long press this switch until the freezer is reactivated.
  • If the fridge includes a water filter, find the water filter icon on the display. Press this icon until the blinking light disappears, and it will reset the filter.
  • To reset the refrigerator section, long-press the refrigerator icon.

You can also attempt a hard reset by removing the LG refrigerator from the power outlet.

Wait for half an hour before plugging it back in.

This will cause the device to restart, and temporary issues should get resolved.

Do Kenmore Refrigerators Have A Reset Button?

Kenmore models with the reset feature will have a reset button on the right side of the icemaker.

It is rectangular and made of rubber. Press and hold it for a few seconds. The device will automatically reset.

You can also do a hard reset by cutting off the power supply to your Kenmore refrigerator for a few minutes and plugging it back in.

Do Whirlpool Refrigerators Have A Reset Button?

Some Whirlpool refrigerators allow a soft reset.

If your Whirlpool refrigerator is not functioning correctly, locate the door switches inside the refrigerator.

Once you find them, press and release them.

The fridge display will temporarily go blank and then kick back into normal operation.

If your Whirlpool refrigerator doesn’t have a reset button, you will have to perform a hard reset to restart the device.

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Do Maytag Refrigerators Have A Reset Button?

Maytag refrigerators don’t have a dedicated reset button.

Nevertheless, you can reset these appliances by holding the lock and auto buttons down together for thirty seconds.

You can also power down the unit by unplugging it from the power socket.

Doing so will force a hard reset, which fixes the most common refrigerator problems.

Do Frigidaire Refrigerators Have A Reset Button?

Frigidaire refrigerators don’t have a reset button.

To fix any cooling issues with the refrigerator, you will have to perform a hard reset.

Disconnect power from the appliance and leave it as such for at least half an hour.

Then, plug it back in. The refrigerator should kick back in.

A hard power reset of this manner will usually correct any issues caused by weather or power outages.

Do Amana Refrigerators Have A Reset Button?

Amana refrigerators usually don’t have a reset button.

Hence, you will have to perform a full power reset to get the refrigerator to kick back into action.

To perform a hard reset on an Amana refrigerator, either turn off the circuit breaker or unplug the refrigerator from the power socket.

The lights will go out, and the fridge will stop cooling.

Wait for at least ten to fifteen minutes before plugging it back in.

Then, when you restore power, the refrigerator should kick back into action.

If the problem persists, you may have to contact an expert to diagnose the problem and fix it.

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Does A Samsung Refrigerator Have A Reset Button?

Samsung doesn’t recommend resetting their refrigerators unless you are moving the device, cleaning it, or the refrigerator is malfunctioning after a recent power outage.

In this case, they recommend doing a hard reset.

To do a hard reset, unplug the device from the power socket for a full five minutes.

Following this, you can restore power to the device.

For some models, you may be able to perform a factory reset on the Family Hub.

Refer to the device manual to do this correctly.

If you notice error codes popping up on your Samsung refrigerator, your device may be breaking down.

Only an expert can usually address such issues correctly.

Avoid playing with the codes yourself.

Service personnel from the company will find it difficult to diagnose the problem if you wipe out the actual error codes history.

Resort to a hard reset if the need arises. If it doesn’t fix the issue, contact customer care for help.


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