Do Mini Fridges Have Freezers? [How Do They Work?]

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Mini fridges are perfect for small apartments, RVs, dorm rooms, and even home bars. But do mini fridges have freezers?

Yes, most mini fridges have a tiny freezer section. The freezer compartment can be in the mini fridge or separate depending on the make and model of the mini fridge. The freezer unit can have separate temperature controls and on/off switches. However, there’re some mini fridges without freezers too.

Let’s now take a deeper look at the freezers in mini fridges.

What Do Freezers In Mini Fridges Do?

Most mini-fridges have a capacity of 1.7 to 4.5 cubic feet. They will usually be rectangle or cube-shaped.

These appliances will conveniently fit under the countertop or in a small corner of a room.

The internal configuration of a mini fridge will vary according to the brand and model.

Very small and compact mini fridges can hold a case of beer.

Meanwhile, larger mini fridges can hold more food. They will also have shelves and storage space in the door.

As expected, they will also occupy more space.

Depending on the make and model, mini fridges may or may not have a freezer.

When a freezer is present, it will either be inside the mini-fridge or separate.

When the freezer is separate, it will usually be above the fridge compartment.

This separate unit will be large enough to hold a few food items.

It’s more functional than an internal freezer compartment which can barely hold a few ice trays.

Regardless of whether a mini fridge has an internal freezer compartment or a separate freezer, there will only be a single power cord.

When you plug this cord into a wall outlet, it powers the entire fridge unit.

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How Does The Freezer In A Mini Fridge Work?

The freezer in a mini fridge follows the same principle of operation as a regular freezer.

It will have the same internal parts and use the same working mechanism.

The most important part of the freezer is a high-pressure compressor chamber, which is distinct from that of the refrigerator.

It will also have a pump to transport the refrigerant fluid.

During operation, the compressor applies pressure to the refrigerant.

This pressure causes the fluid to heat up and evaporate.

The heat produced during this process gets released into the surroundings.

When it escapes, the temperature of the freezer compartment drops rapidly. That’s how it becomes cold.

The compressor coils are sealed, and hence the refrigerant can’t escape from the system.

As the heat radiates out of the coils, it cools down and becomes liquid.

This fluid returns to the compressor, and the same process repeats.

Thus the alternating fluid cycles of the refrigerant help the freezer stay cool.

Is It Better To Buy Mini Fridges With Separate Freezers?

Mini fridge with separate freezer

Most people who opt for mini fridges do so because of space constraints.

Since every inch of space is valuable, you should know that mini fridges with separate freezers are bigger than their counterparts with internal freezers.

You should consider buying them only if you have enough space to store them.

The extra storage space also means that they will be more expensive than mini fridges with internal freezers or none at all.

Now, there are advantages to choosing a mini fridge with a separate freezer.

Firstly, it would have more space for food. The surplus space can prove useful if you like to store more food.

A separate freezer will also allow you to get to frozen items without disturbing the main fridge compartment.

When the freezer compartment is inside the mini fridge, you would have to open the main door to get to it.

This would mean letting the outside air into the entire fridge compartment.

However, if the freezer is separate, this is not a problem.

Another factor is that most mini fridges have tiny internal freezer units. They can’t hold much food.

However, mini fridges with separate freezers have more space to store food.

Some models also include shelves in the door. So you can store more food in them.

If you eat a lot of frozen food or cook and freeze your meals in advance, a separate freezer would be a good idea.

You will hardly have any space to store much food in the internal unit of a mini fridge.

Some brands have separate controls for the freezer unit.

This can prove useful if you are looking to cut down your electricity bill.

You can turn the freezer unit off when it’s not in use.

Although the change in billing may be insignificant each month, it can make a difference in the long term.

Now, mini fridges will usually have internal lights that allow you to see the contents in the dark.

However, it’s usually only for the main compartment.

If the freezer is a separate unit, it will most likely not have a light.

Although it may not be a deal-breaker, it can become inconvenient if you are trying to grab things from the freezer in the dark.

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Do Freezers In Mini Fridges Work Properly?

The internal working mechanism for a freezer in a mini-fridge is the same as for a regular fridge.

However, the efficiency of operation is a different matter.

Mini fridges with separate freezer units will usually have better performance levels.

These freezers can maintain low temperatures and keep the contents frozen.

However, don’t expect the same efficiency from a tiny internal freezer unit.

Because of their small size, they will not usually drop down to the correct temperature required for freezing food.

At the most, they can freeze ice or keep ice blocks intact.

Do All Mini Fridges Have Freezers?

Not all mini fridges have freezers. Certain brands like Insignia and Danby have mini fridges without freezer units.

These are only meant for cooling contents, not for freezing items.

Mini fridges with larger capacities are more likely to include a freezer unit.

However, it would not hold much food unless it’s a separate freezer.

Mini fridges with internal freezers will usually have very small freezer units.

They may not be able to hold anything much other than a few ice trays.

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Do Bar Fridges Have Freezers?

Bar fridges are miniature versions of regular refrigerators. They can hold drinks, soda, ice cubes, and food.

The inside of a bar fridge may or may not be divided into shelves, depending on the capacity.

Most bar fridges are too small and don’t have a freezer.

They are only intended for holding drinks and keeping them cool.

If a bar fridge comes with a freezer, it will usually be a small internal compartment at the very top.

These freezers will not have much space. You can use it to store ice cubes or two to three ice trays.

The freezers in bar fridges will usually not be very efficient. They may be unable to freeze water and make ice cubes.

However, they will be able to store ice cubes and keep them from melting.

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