Do Food Processors Spiralize? (Which Ones Do + Which Don’t)

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Spiralizing is very popular with healthy eating enthusiasts. This process of converting raw vegetables and fruits into interesting noodles and pasta shapes is an easy way to add plant-based foods into your diet. However, not everyone would want to invest in a dedicated gadget just for spiralizing. It would be a lot easier if multi-purpose kitchen equipment, like food processors, could perform spiralizing. So, do food processors spiralize?

Yes, some food processors do spiralize. These food processors have spiralizing attachments. They have add-on ribbon blades and spiral blades that cut raw fruits and vegetables into slender spiralized strands of noodles and pasta shapes. You can use these attachments to spiralize your ingredients.

Let’s talk about this in detail now.

How Do Spiralizers Work?

Spiralizing makes cooking and eating vegetables and fruits fun by converting them into interesting forms like pasta and noodles.

You can spiralize a variety of fruits and vegetables, including melons, apples, zucchini, beets, carrots, radish, and potatoes.

Spiralizers are kitchen gadgets that are specially designed to perform spiralizing.

They have specialized blades to shape raw fruits and vegetables into noodle or zoodle shapes.

These appliances come in different shapes and sizes.

Some spiralizers work like pencil sharpeners. You must stick the vegetable a the slot and rotate it to produce thin noodles.

In others, you fix the vegetable in position and turn an attached handle. Thin strips of noodles will appear at the outlet.

Depending on the make and model, a spiralizer may have just one blade or a series of blades to produce different results.

Although spiralizers are very useful gadgets, you should remember that it is yet another gadget to add to your kitchen.

If you don’t plan on making vegetable noodles often, it may not be worth the space and cost.

A better option would be to invest in food processors with spiralizing blades.

These attachments will allow you to achieve the same results as with a dedicated spiralizer.

Additionally, you can also use them for various food prep tasks.

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What Food Processors Can Spiralize Ingredients?

Food processors have a variety of blades and attachments to help with food prep.

You can use the same device to perform various tasks by simply changing the attachments and settings.

Some food processors include spiralizing blades. These cut vegetables and fruits into ribbons or spirals.

The main advantage of using a food processor for spiralizing is that this gadget can multi-task.

Apart from spiralizing, you can also use it to chop, shred, dice, and mince ingredients.

Another advantage is that using a food processor for spiralizing doesn’t involve any manual effort.

You need not rotate the vegetables or turn the shaft as you would do with a regular spiralizer.

Additionally, a food processor works quickly and spiralizes vegetables in mere seconds.

Let’s now look at some of the leading food processor brands and whether they feature a spiralizer attachment or not.

Does Breville Food Processor Spiralize?

The Breville food processor accomplishes a wide variety of tasks in the kitchen.

It can peel, shred, dice, and puree ingredients.

However, the currently available models of Breville food processors don’t include spiralizer attachments.

Does Cuisinart Food Processor Spiralize?

The Cuisinart food processor is a versatile device that performs a variety of kitchen tasks like chopping, dicing, and slicing.

It also comes with a spiral accessory kit that spiralizes vegetables.

The Cuisinart spiralizer kit includes a spiralizer cover, feeding tube, ingredient pusher, blades, and a disc holder.

It has three types of blades for spiralizing:

  1. Angel hair cut disc,
  2. Ribbon disc blade, and
  3. Spaghetti blade.

Cuisinart spiralizing accessories are also available for 13-cup Cuisinart food processor models.

To use the spiralizer attachment with the Cuisinart food processor, you should remove the lid and mount the attachment at the top of the bowl.

Then, after clicking the attachment and blade into place, you can line the lid up and affix it.

You can improve the efficiency of spiralizing by cutting the ingredients to fit the feed tube correctly.

For vegetables like zucchini and carrots, cut the two ends off. This will ensure that they fit the food processor inlet.

For beets, apples, and other round vegetables and fruits, you can cut them in half to fit inside the tube.

If you look at the Cuisinart food processor bowl, you will find a line that indicates the maximum size an ingredient can have.

You can prepare the fruit or vegetable for spiralizing according to this size.

When you are ready for spiralizing, switch the food processor on and use the pusher to apply gentle pressure as you place the ingredient inside the tube.

Choose from high and low settings based on the speed you want for the spiralizing process.

The Cuisinart food processor will neatly spiralize the vegetable into slender ribbons or noodles that collect at the base of the bowl.

With the Cuisinart spiralizer attachment and food processor, you can easily create vegetable and fruit noodles for salads, pasta, and a variety of dishes.

Remember that the spiralizer blade attachment is not dishwasher safe.

Nevertheless, you can easily clean it with soapy water and a brush.

The food processor bowl, feeding tube, and pusher are dishwasher safe.

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Does KitchenAid Food Processor Spiralize?

KitchenAid food processors are workhorses that perform a plethora of food prep tasks with perfection.

However, these food processors don’t have spiralizer attachments.

KitchenAid stand mixers have spiralizer attachments.

You can use these attachments to prepare vegetable pasta or noodles.

These attachments easily fix to the main motor unit and produce a variety of spiralized vegetables and fruits in a matter of minutes.

The spiralizer attachment kit comes with four different blades:

  1. Fine spiralizer blade,
  2. Medium spiralizer blade,
  3. Small core spiral slicer, and
  4. Large core spiral slicer.

Additionally, the kit also has a peeler and skewer attachment.

You can use them to produce different shapes. There are also other blades that you can buy separately.

To attach these blades to the stand mixer, you should slide them into the blade carrier section from above.

To fit vegetables and fruits easily, cut the ends of the ingredients and attach them flat against the blade.

Each blade has a recommended speed limit. Don’t exceed these speed limits as it can be a safety hazard.

You can use the skewer to hold an ingredient in place and make the spiralizing process more efficient.

The blades of this device are sharp and cut through any vegetable or fruit.

It can even spiralize dense and hard vegetables like sweet potatoes.

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Does Hamilton Beach Food Processor Spiralize?

The Hamilton Beach professional food processor has an efficient and highly useful spiralizer attachment.

To perform spiralizing, it uses a spiral blade and a ribbon blade.

It also has an adjustable slicing blade with six settings, a reversible shredding blade, and an S-blade for chopping and pureeing.

After fixing the spiralizing blade attachment, you can push the ingredient to spiralize through the feed tube.

It will transform it into attractive noodle and zoodle shapes, which you can use in various recipes.


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