Where Are Weber Grills Made? (Inside and Outside of The USA)

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Weber is an American company famous for its charcoal and gas grills.

Since the company has headquarters and several manufacturing units in the USA, you may assume that Weber grills are exclusively manufactured here.

But where exactly are these grills made?

Are Weber Grills Made in The USA?

Weber has a big manufacturing unit in Huntley, USA. The company also has headquarters in Palatine, Illinois, and other manufacturing units around North America. However, the brand doesn’t exclusively produce stoves in the USA; it sources components from all over the world. The different parts come from various countries, including China and Taiwan.

The Weber Smokey grill, however, is an exception because it’s made entirely in America.

Let’s take a closer look at the different places where the manufacturing of Weber grills takes place.

Interesting History of Weber Grills

Weber grill is the brainchild of George Stephen Sr., who was working for Weber Brothers Metal Works in Chicago.

During an attempt to make an efficient brazier, he came up with the idea of a distinctive dome-shaped stove with three feet.

It was the first charcoal grill of its kind and became the starting point for the different grills that Weber produces today.

George Stephen Sr dubbed his invention “George’s Barbecue Kettle,” and the name stuck and continues to be used to this day.

George also became the driving force behind Weber grills, and the company established its name in the industry.

Weber grills are very popular for their sturdy construction and operation efficiency.

The company is highly committed to delivering excellent quality products and invests in its design.

Now, Weber proudly proclaims that they are a “Made in USA” brand.

However, this claim was challenged in court in 2011 when customers realized that some of the parts came from outside the USA.

This raised concerns since there is an idea that globally sourced parts may not be as sturdy or high-quality as those produced in America.

The company responded that all the design and engineering were done in the USA.

Nonetheless, some of the components are marked as “globally sourced” in the parts list, and these come from different places, including China and Taiwan.

Weber also changed its labeling to “Made in USA incorporating globally-sourced component parts” to sort out the problem.

Nonetheless, the foreign parts were mostly minor components in the design until 2016.

Most of the design, construction, and assembly happen at its Hundley manufacturing unit.

Doing most of the assembly and installation locally makes it easier to reach the product to its intended market.

However, a few exceptions are there.

In recent years, Weber started manufacturing more parts in their manufacturing facilities in China and other countries.

So the company’s claim of Made in the USA with globally-sourced parts also is ambiguous.

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Which Weber Grills Are Made in The USA?

The following Weber grills are designed and constructed in the USA with a few imported parts, mostly from China or Taiwan.

The only exception, as we mentioned earlier, is the Weber Smokey Grill, which is entirely made in America.

The rest of its appliances have minor parts sourced from other countries, while the design and assembly are done in the USA.

1. Weber Smoke Fire Grill

The Weber Smoke Fire is a pellet grill useful for smoking, searing, and grilling all types of ingredients.

It has a porcelain-enamel finish and a large grilling area to hold a large amount of food.

There are three versions of this grill, and all of them use the same technology for construction.

It’s one of the best grills on the market for outdoor cooking and guarantees good results every time.

2. Summit Series

Weber’s Summit Series grills are made in the USA using globally sourced parts.

This product line consists of both gas and charcoal-powered grills.

They are high-end grills that are popular with outdoor chefs.

The Summit series has grills in different sizes. However, mid-size grills are the most popular.

It has controls in the front and separate burners for searing, smoking, and other purposes.

The main pros of this model are that the grills are sturdy and durable.

Built-in thermometer units make them practical for checking food during and after cooking.

They distribute heat evenly and are easy to clean.

However, they are bulky and need a lot of space. They also come at a high price due to their various features.

3. Q-Series Grills

Q-series Weber grills are unique in their shape and construction.

The cooking chamber of this grill is saucer-shaped.

The different units in this series are portable and convenient to carry around because of how they are constructed.

However, the cooking surface of these grills is much smaller than the grills in the Summit line.

They are also quite easy to care for and lightweight.

The grills in this series have a cast aluminum body and lid with a glass-reinforced frame.

The grill gates are made of reinforced cast iron with a porcelain coating.

The fine grooves aren’t very easy to clean.

However, you can conveniently carry them with you on trips and use them for backyard grilling.

4. Portable Weber Grills

Most of the portable grills from Weber are constructed in the USA.

These include The Smokey Joe, the Jumbo Joe, and the Go-Anywhere grill.

All the grills are easy to carry on expeditions and travel.

Of the three versions, the Jumbo and Smokey grills have a squat design.

Additionally, the Jumbo grill has more grilling area.

Meanwhile, the Go-Anywhere grill is a rectangular-shaped grill which is also a tabletop grill.

It comes in both gas and charcoal options.

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Weber Grills Made Outside the USA

While most Weber grills use globally sourced parts but are constructed in America, there are a few exceptions.

Two specific product lines—the Spirit and Genesis II are made in China and Taiwan.

The Spirit series uses either natural gas or propane for working.

They are compact, full-size grills that are easy to operate and offer consistent results every time.

The grills in this series fit easily into any patio or deck.

They come with three burners for different cooking techniques and boast of rust-proof cast aluminum construction.

The Genesis II series is also made outside the USA.

These backyard grills are made of stainless steel and have cast iron grates to distribute the heat evenly.

These grills are either made in China or Taiwan.

The Weber Go-Anywhere grill is also assembled in China.

It’s a tiny, fold-up grill that easily fits in a car, trailer, or even on a bike.

This lightweight grill is portable with a rectangular grilling surface and a good cooking area, enough to hold food for two people.

If buying American-made products is important for you, pay attention to the label on the unit to find out whether what you get is what you think it is.

To find out where any type of Weber grill is made, read the accompanying label.

The company mentions “Made in the USA with globally sourced parts” if the unit was designed and assembled in America.

However, if the grill doesn’t come with such a stamp, you can assume that the grill was made outside the USA.

In this case, it was most likely made in China or Taiwan.

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