What Is A Wok Ring? (Does It Really Work?)

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A wok ring is essential if you are a fan of Asian-style cooking. Without one, your wok may wobble on the flat stovetop, and your carefully prepared, delicious stir-fried meal could end up on the floor! So what is a wok ring exactly?

A wok ring or a wok stand is a metal ring that’s designed for use with a wok while cooking on a stovetop or grill. It keeps the round-bottomed woks in place during the cooking process. Wok rings are made from various types of metals and range in many styles, sizes, and shapes to fit most stovetops.

Cooking any stir-fried meal using a wok is difficult without a wok ring, as most woks are not designed for use on a flat stovetop. So how can we use our wok at home on our stovetop to get the smokey benefits of stir-fried food? This article discusses the benefits of a wok ring, choosing the best wok ring, and how to use it properly.

What Is A Wok Ring Used For?

A wok ring (otherwise known as a wok stand) is used on a stovetop to keep the round-bottomed wok pan stable and firm while cooking.

Most wok pans have a round bottom, which can’t be used traditionally on a flat stovetop.

To get around this problem, a wok ring is placed over the ring of the stovetop, allowing the wok pan to sit comfortably and safely on top of the wok ring.

The wok ring has a second important function – it helps direct the heat towards the bottom of the wok pan while simultaneously regulating the heat.

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Do Wok Rings Work?

Traditional stir-fry cooking using a wok pan requires high, concentrated heat to cook food in the pan.

Generally, this meant cooking outdoors over a scorching fire to generate the temperatures needed to cook the food thoroughly.

Modern cooking methods require cooking food indoors over a heat source instead of cooking food over a fire outdoors.

A wok pan allows you to cook food traditionally.

However, to use woks with modern indoor appliances, changes were required to the cooking methods.

A wok ring allows old cooking methods to combine with new appliances to produce the tastes you love!

What Is The Best Way To Use A Wok Ring?

The best way to cook while using a wok pan is to use a burner gas as the flames can directly touch the bottom of the pan.

A wok ring helps direct the flame to where it needs to be for cooking the food in a wok.

Don’t use a wok ring on a stovetop made from glass, ceramic, or porcelain, as these heat sources don’t produce enough concentrated heat to cook food in a wok pan.

Also, a wok ring is heavy and sturdy and could scratch the surface of these stovetops.

For the best results when using a wok ring, always make sure that the wok ring is 4 inches (10 cms) smaller than the wok diameter.

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Can You Use A Wok Ring On An Electric Stove?

Although traditional woks were not designed for use on electric stoves, you can use a wok on them if you know how!

Electric stoves are not the best fit for a round-bottomed wok and wok ring.

An electric stove doesn’t generate the amount of heat necessary for a round-bottomed wok to cook stir-fried food effectively.

If you only have access to an electric stove but don’t have a wok ring, use a flat bottomed wok instead to produce the same traditional flavored stir-fried food.

Flat-bottomed wok pans have better heat conductivity, so food cooked in this manner will be thoroughly cooked and safe to eat!

8 Best Wok Rings Available In The Market Today

Wok rings are available in different configurations to fit different stoves.

They are made from different types of metals designed to withstand the high temperatures:

  • Wire Chrome Steel,
  • Steel,
  • Stainless Steel, and
  • Cast Iron.

Given below are some of the best wok rings currently available in the market.

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1. Joyce Chen, Chrome Steel Wire Wok Ring

This simple yet effective design is made from steel wire and fits any round bottom wok.

The Joyce Chen is considered one of the best wok rings on the market and is exceptionally sturdy and durable.

This wok ring is 2 inches high with a diameter of 10 inches, perfect for use on any stovetop as a standard wok ring or simply turn it upside down to use it as a trivet.

Check out this wok on Amazon.

2. Wire Frame Wok Ring by Wok Shop

Made from high-quality stainless steel, this wok ring is designed to hold any size wok pan using either side of the rack.

This sturdy, durable chrome steel wire wok ring has a height of 2.16 inches (5.5 cms) with a top diameter of 10.2 inches (26 cms) and a bottom diameter of 11 inches (28 cms).

Check out this wok on Amazon.

3. New Star International Steel Wok Ring

This cold-forged plated steel wok ring has a uniquely innovative design with no sharp edges on either end of the ring.

This wok ring has a diameter of 7.75 inches and is designed for cooking on a regular range.

Check out this wok on Amazon.

4. Thunder Group Steel Wok Ring

An affordable wok ring for 12 to 13 inch (30 to 33 cms) wok pans.

The innovative design on this metallic ring has holes around the base to allow the even distribution of heat while cooking.

With a diameter of 8 1/4 and 9 7/8 inches (20 and 22 cms) at the base, this ring is designed for cooking on a regular range.

Check out this wok on Amazon.

5. School of Wok Stainless Steel Wok Ring

Most wok rings are hand wash only, but this ring is dishwasher proof saving you valuable time!

Stainless steel is sturdy and durable with an exceptionally long lifespan, so if you buy one of these rings, it should last for a lifetime.

Stainless steel retains heat, ensuring a longer cooking time – great when cooking using a wok pan.

Check out this wok on Amazon.

6. Taylor & Ng Wok Ring

This 10 inch (25 cms) steel wok ring is designed for cooking on gas or electric stovetops.

With a height of 1.62 inches (4 cms), this reversible wok ring is stable enough to hold any size round-bottomed wok pan.

Check out this wok on Amazon.

7. Tamume Cast Iron Wok Ring

A multi-use ring, suitable for use on the stove, oven, grill, and on the campfire.

Perfect for use in a round or square-shaped range and on a four or five-grate stovetop hob.

This ring can also be used as a trivet to reduce the gap above your burner – ideal for making Moka pot coffee.

Cast iron is sturdy, durable, and lasts a lifetime.

An outer ring diameter of 6.9 inches (17.6 cm) and an inner ring diameter of 6.29 inches (16 cm) ensures that this ring fits almost all wok pans.

Check out this wok on Amazon.

8. MCAMPAS Cast Iron Wok Ring

It’s designed for holding all different shapes and sizes of wok pans on a gas stove.

Grooves on the bottom prevent the ring from slipping, perfectly keeping a round-bottom or a flat-bottomed wok.

Tip proof, sturdy and durable, you can use this ring in a microwave, oven grills, and bonfires.

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