What Is 3/8 of A Cup? [How to Measure It With Cups and Spoons?]

3/8 of a cup

3/8 of a cup is simply a fraction measurement of capacity, commonly used in cooking recipes. It’s half of 3/4 or three times 1/8. In terms of tablespoons (Tbsp), it equates to six tablespoons.

But how do you actually measure this out? You’ll need either measuring spoons or cups with fractional marks. If neither is available, don’t worry! There’s an alternative method using basic maths that we’ll delve into shortly.

What Exactly Is 3/8 of A Cup?

When you see “3/8” of a cup in a recipe, it refers to just under half a cup. A whole cup is divided into eight parts, and this measurement requires three out of those eight parts.

In terms of other common units used in cooking:

  • One tablespoon equals approximately 1/16 of a cup, and
  • There are three teaspoons in one tablespoon.

So by converting these to 3/8 of a cup, we get:

MeasurementEquivalent to 3/8 Cup

So, if you’re measuring out ingredients for your next culinary masterpiece and come across “3/8” as the required quantity, you now know that means six tablespoons or eighteen teaspoons.

However, while these equivalents help with smaller increments like teaspoons and tablespoons – always use proper measuring tools whenever possible for precision.

Nothing ruins a good dish faster than mismeasurement!

How to Measure 3/8 of A Cup Using Measuring Cups?

A standard full cup is made up of 8 parts or ‘eighths’. So when a recipe asks for 3/8 of a cup, that means you’ll need three out of those eight parts.

Now, here are the steps to measure 3/8 of a cup using measuring cups:

  1. Grab a couple of 1/4 (quarter) measuring cups.
  2. Fill the first 1/4 (quarter) cup completely. This gives you two-eighths of a standard cup.
  3. Then take the second 1/4 (quarter) cup and fill it halfway only. This gives you one-eighth of a standard cup.
  4. Pour the contents of both the 1/4 (quarter) cup into the standard cup.
  5. Voilà! You’ve successfully measured exactly three-eighths of a cup.

When dealing with dry ingredients like flour or sugar:

  • Spoon them into your measuring cup until they form a small mound above the rim.
  • Level off the excess with a straight edge – like the backside of a knife.

For liquid ingredients:

  • Pour slowly into your measuring cup until the liquid reaches the desired amount.
  • Make sure to check at eye level for accuracy.
Full Cup8 / 8
Half Cup4 / 8
Quarter Cup2 / 8
Eighth Cup1 / 8

Remember these points:

  • A full cup has eight one-eighth portions.
  • For dry ingredients: spoon and level.
  • For liquid ingredients: pour and check at eye level.

How to Measure 3/8 of A Cup without A Measuring Cup?

Spoons to measure 3/8 of a cup

One way to measure 3/8 of a cup is by using spoons. Though it may sound like a tedious job, it’s quite practical.

One tablespoon holds about 1/16th of a cup. So if you need to measure out 3/8ths of a cup, that’s the same as six tablespoons.

1 tablespoon1/16 cup
6 tablespoons3/8 cup

So grab six tablespoons from your drawer, and you’re good!

Another method to measure 3/8 of a cup includes using a scale for accurate measurements. Keep in mind that this will only work for ingredients that have similar densities to water, like milk or juice.

Here’s how to measure 3/8 of a cup using a scale:

  • First, understand that there are eight ounces in a cup.
  • Also, understand that one US fluid ounce weighs approximately an ounce.
  • And since we want three-eighths of a cup, simply weigh out three ounces on your scale.

That’s it! You’ve successfully measured exactly what you need using nothing but common kitchen utensils and some basic math skills.

How to Convert 3/8 of A Cup to Other Units?

First off, let’s convert 3/8 of a cup to tablespoons and teaspoons.

One full cup equals 16 tablespoons or 48 teaspoons.

So 3/8 of a cup roughly equates to:

  • 6 tablespoons, or
  • 18 teaspoons.
MeasurementEquivalent in TablespoonsEquivalent in Teaspoons
3/8 Cup618

Now let’s talk about converting 3/8 of a cup to milliliters and liters, which might come in handy if the recipe uses metric units.

1 US customary cup holds approximately 236.588 ml (let’s round it up to 237 ml).

So, 3/8 of a cup sums up nearly to:

  • 89 milliliters (ml), or
  • 0.089 liters (L).

Here’s another quick table reference for you.

MeasurementEquivalent in MillilitersEquivalent in Liters
3/8 Cup890.089

Here are some golden tips for remembering these conversion rates:

  1. Memorize the basic ones – like one cup being equal to sixteen tablespoons.
  2. Use simple math – Remembering the fraction will make your life easier; just multiply by the conversion rate.
  3. Keep cheat sheets – A small chart on your fridge door or inside a cabinet never hurts.

Common Mistakes to Avoid when Measuring 3/8 of A Cup

Overpacking or underpacking the cup can sabotage your dish. Scooping out ingredients like flour or sugar directly from the bag might make you think you’re doing it right, but it’s not so.

What happens is that you could be packing more than required into the cup.

The result? Your dish turns out denser than you expected.

On the flip side, underpacking leaves your mix too thin and flat. You won’t get that rich flavor and texture you’re after.

Mistake number two is failing to level off dry ingredients. Without leveling off excess flour or sugar with a straight edge like a knife, you’ll end up with more than needed in that cup.

Mistake number three is not using the correct cup size for liquid and dry ingredients. For liquid measurements, use clear glass or plastic cups with pouring spouts and handles. They give an accurate reading at eye level.

So remember:

  • Don’t overpack or underpack,
  • Always level off your dry ingredients, and
  • Use different cups to measure dry and wet ingredients.

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