What Are Corn Dogs Made Of? [Full List Of Main Ingredients]

Corn dogs in a box

Corn dogs are an indispensable part of American sports days and summer fairs. This curious-looking snack is convenient to hold and easy to eat. So, what are corn dogs made of?

A corn dog is a hot dog on a stick. The hot dog is coated in cornmeal batter and deep-fried till golden-brown and crisp. The meat in a corn dog is chicken, pork, or beef. You can also find cheese-filled and vegan corn dogs. You may serve them as such or with mustard, sauce, or mayonnaise toppings.

Let’s take a closer look at this popular snack and find out what it is.

Interesting Facts About The Origin Of Corn Dogs

The exact origin of corn dogs is not very clear.

One version suggests that it was invented in the 1800s by Germans who immigrated to the United States.

This type of corn dog was made by coating hot dogs with batter and frying them.

However, they did not have the stick like modern-day corn dogs.

Another popular claim is that Carl and Neil Fletcher first introduced corn dogs at a Texas State Fair in the late 1930s.

Interestingly, variants of the corn dog can also be seen in various other parts of the world.

You will find them being served as street food from Australia to Argentina and even South Asia.

They’re known as “Pogo” in Canada, “Panchuker” in Argentina, “Pluto Pup” or “Dippy Dog” in Australia, and “Yankee” in Africa. Regardless of the origin and the names they’re known by; they’re a very popular snack.

Why Is It Called A Corn Dog?

The corn dog gets its name from the ingredients used to make it.

You can think of it as a combination of the word “dog” from “hot dog” and “corn” from the cornmeal used for the batter coating.

Main Ingredients In Corn Dogs

Corn dogs are available in every imaginable form—fresh, frozen, pre-made, with or without a stick, and using different ingredients.

Nevertheless, the original corn dogs had two main parts—a sausage filling and a batter coating.

Traditional corn dogs use hot dogs made of beef as the filling.

The hot dog is threaded on a stick with a large portion sticking out. It’s then dipped in sweet cornmeal batter.

The batter coats the hot dog or sausage completely.

The coated hot dog is deep-fried till the outer coating becomes golden brown and crispy.

During deep-frying, the batter coating quickly crisps up, sealing the moisture inside.

So, the meaty part of the corn dog remains soft and moist.

The resulting snack has a crisp texture on the outside and a soft and meaty texture on the inside.

You can also make corn dogs in an air-fryer or convection oven. These methods use less oil than deep-frying.

Different ingredients are used for the batter.

It’s usually a flour-based recipe using ingredients like flour, cornmeal, sugar, salt, and baking powder.

You may also use cayenne, pepper, and other herbs to season the batter.

Egg, buttermilk, or milk are used as the binding agents.

Different variations of the original corn dog recipe are also available.

Breakfast sausages may be used instead of hot dogs for the filling.

Melted cheese is also used as the filling for some corn dogs.

In this case, the cheese is placed between the hot dog and the breading, or it may be used as a topping.

In some places, you will find miniature versions of corn dogs called corn puppies or mini corn dogs.

They’re usually popular with young children.

Vegan-friendly corn dogs are another recent entry on the scene.

These meatless alternatives are made using plant-based ingredients like tofu or vegan sausages.

Apart from corn-based batters, bread or wheat-based batters are sometimes used to make corn dogs.

The thickness and consistency of the batter will affect the overall look and texture of the snack.

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How Are Corn Dogs Served?

Corn dogs served in a plate

Corn dogs are popular street food because they’re mess-free and very convenient to hold and eat.

They come with a stick that you can hold. They may also come individually wrapped.

This snack goes well with most condiments and dips like ketchup, mayonnaise, mustard, and cheese.

You can also have them with ranch dressing, barbecue sauce, or ranch sauce.

What Are Frozen Corn Dogs Made Of?

Frozen corn dogs are very useful when you want to make corn dogs at home without much hassle.

These corn dogs will have a sausage or hot dog in the center and a batter or bread coating.

These corn dogs will contain all the same ingredients as fresh corn dogs.

Since they’re pre-processed food, they will usually have additional ingredients like stabilizers, preservatives, or leavening agents, based on the recipe.

Depending on the type of frozen corn dog, they may already be deep-fried or require deep frying.

If they’re fully cooked, you can simply reheat and serve them.

For the variants that are partially cooked, you will have to deep-fry or cook them in an oven, as per the manufacturer’s instructions.

What Are Sonic Corn Dogs Made Of?

Sonic corn dogs are made of beef, pork, and turkey.

They consist of a sausage dipped in sweet corn batter and deep-fried till it’s crispy and golden on the outside.

Sonic serves their corndogs with various sides, including ketchup, mustard, honey mustard, BBQ sauce, mayo, ranch dressing, relish, and their signature sauce.

What Are Wienerschnitzel Corn Dogs Made Of?

Weinerschnitzel corn dogs are made from all-chicken franks in sweet honey and corn-based batter.

The batter-coated franks are deep-fried in hot oil till crisp and golden.

The company mentions that all Wienerschnitzel corn dogs are made using USDA-approved cuts of meat only.

They use high-quality meat and are well-seasoned with zesty spices to create delectable meals.

Each Weinerschnitzel corn dog carries 230 calories.

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What Are Korean Corn Dogs Made Of?

Korean corn dogs are a unique, almost-gourmet form of the humble corn dog.

They have a few distinct elements that enhance their richness and add to their appeal.

These snacks have an exciting mix of sweet and savory flavors.

They have a crispy golden batter-fried exterior but are cheesy and meaty on the inside.

These corn dogs also have a hint of sweetness that is lacking in regular corn dogs.

They’re different from regular American corn dogs because they use different ingredients.

Korean corn dogs are made with sweet flour batter and panko crumbs instead of cornmeal.

There are different versions of batter used to make Korean corn dogs.

Some of them use yeast-based batter, which is fermented.

Sometimes, the batter is made of rice flour.

They may also contain ingredients like rice cakes, fish cakes, ramen, or potatoes.

Gamja hot dogs are a variant that uses chopped-up French fries instead of bread or flour for the batter.

Crushed ramen, crispy rice, or corn flakes may also be used as the coating.

Another interesting fact is that the filling used in Korean corn dogs is not always a hot dog.

It can also use cheese, fish cakes, rice cakes, and various other ingredients.

When hot dogs are used to make Korean corn dogs, it’s a common practice to coat them with cheese.

The cheese melts when the corn dogs are fried, creating a gooey interior.

Another difference between regular corn dogs and Korean dogs is that Korean corn dogs have a liberal dusting of sugar.

After frying, the Korean corn dogs are rolled in sugar.

This stage adds a generous sweetness to the dish and makes the coating crispier.

Korean corn dogs are usually served with condiments like mustard, honey mustard, or ketchup.

They taste good on their own too.

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