10 Potato Dishes That Go Very Well With Ham

Potato Au Gratin

The sweet and salty mix of flavors makes ham very indulgent.

Whether you use it in sandwiches or make it the centerpiece of a classic dinner spread, your options are endless.

Nevertheless, they say the best way to enjoy ham is with potatoes on the side.

So, if you are planning to serve ham with potatoes, here’s a list of potato-based dishes to step up your dinner spread.

10 Potato Dishes That Go Best With Ham

Ham tastes heavenly when you pair it with a good side dish.

Since ham and potatoes are a holiday favorite, you can’t possibly go wrong with this combination.

Try the below potato-based dishes that complement ham in the best possible way.

1. Potato Au Gratin

Potato au gratin is one of the easiest and most delicious side dishes to pair with ham.

This dish is made with potatoes and cream.

The lush creaminess and salty flavors of potato au gratin contrast with the sweet and spicy notes of ham, making it a heavenly combination.

Here, slices of potatoes are placed between layers of cream and cheese and baked with a seasoned cheese and breadcrumb topping.

The breadcrumbs add crunch and beautiful golden color to the dish.

Although you can use various cheeses for the gratin, traditional cheese varieties like Gruyere and Parmesan are the best choices.

You can also add a twist to this dish by using seasonings like garlic and paprika to enhance the flavor of the au gratin.

2. Mashed Potatoes

Mashed potatoes are a versatile side dish that goes with almost any main course.

However, it makes a winning combination with ham because the textures and flavors of these dishes blend beautifully.

Additionally, it’s not too difficult to put together mashed potatoes.

You can play around with various recipes to find one that matches your palette.

Simple mash potato recipes use ingredients like potatoes, milk, butter, and seasonings like salt or pepper.

But if you would like to make it more exciting, you can use cream instead of milk.

You can also add cheese and herbs or flavoring ingredients like garlic, paprika, pepper, and chives for added flavor.

3. Scalloped Potatoes

Scalloped potatoes are potatoes cooked in cream.

The recipe is somewhat similar to au gratin, but scalloped potatoes don’t use cheese.

To make scalloped potatoes, potatoes are sliced thinly with a mandolin.

They are then cooked in a creamy sauce or roux made with flour, heavy cream or milk, onion, mustard, nutmeg, and other seasoning agents till the potatoes become tender.

The cream will thicken and caramelize on the top, and the potatoes settle in the center with their edges forming scallops along the sides.

Although this dish is easy to put together, it looks like it involves a lot of effort.

The creamy flavors also complete the rich and spicy notes of ham with perfection.

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4. Potato Salad

Since ham is calorie-dense and has strong flavors, you may want to balance it with a mellow-tasting side dish like potato salad.

There are endless recipes for potato salads, and almost all of them go well with ham.

Amish potato salads have subtle flavors since they use ingredients like boiled potatoes, eggs, celery, onion, and relish.

Meanwhile, Irish potato salad is more luxurious because they use mayonnaise, cream, butter, chives, and ground black pepper.

You can also make potato salad with Dijon mustard, vinegar, olive oil, seasonings like paprika and oregano, or yogurt.

Other good ingredients to add to a potato salad are onions, parsley, corn, lettuce, and other vegetables.

The quality of the salad will depend on the ingredients used in it.

Nevertheless, creamy potato salads generally complement ham better.

The creaminess of the salad and the soft texture of the potatoes blend well with the soft and succulent ham base.

5. Creamed Potatoes

Creamed or whipped potatoes are a variation of mashed potatoes.

Creamed potatoes are usually paired with meatloaf, but they do just as well with ham.

They work well with ham because of the contrasting flavors.

They’re made with milk, cream, seasonings like salt, and pepper, apart from potatoes.

These potatoes are prepared using a hand mixer or an electric mixer, while mashed potatoes are made using a potato masher.

Creamed potatoes are smoother and buttery because they use extra butter and cream for a smoother texture.

They’re usually made with Russet potatoes.

6. Grilled Potatoes

Grilled potatoes

Grilled potatoes are an excellent side dish for Easter ham.

You can use potatoes of any size for the purpose, but small new potatoes taste the best.

Marinating the potatoes before grilling allows the flavors to seep through and make the potatoes more flavorful.

However, you can also use a simple seasoning mix or add the flavoring agents immediately after taking the potatoes off the grill.

Leave the skin on for extra crispiness, and it will add a delightful crunch that goes well with the succulent texture of the ham.

7. Roasted Potatoes

One of the simplest and most delicious sides for ham is roasted potatoes.

You can roast the potatoes with or without the skin according to your preference.

Leaving the skin on will make the potatoes crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside.

Brushing the potatoes with olive oil and herbs of your choice will make the potatoes taste better.

You can use salt, pepper, Italian spice seasoning, garlic powder, and various other flavoring agents for added flavor.

Similarly, you can roast any potato variety, like Yukon gold, Russet potatoes, or red potatoes, and they will all go well with ham.

8. Potato Hash

This is the perfect side dish to serve with ham when you are too exhausted to prepare anything too elaborate.

Potato hash does not take too long to put together.

Potato hash is best made with Russet potatoes because of their high starch content and low moisture.

These potatoes develop a crispy crust when cooked.

However, you can also use Yukon gold or other starchy yellow potatoes for the recipe.

The stovetop recipe for potato hash involves blanching chopped potatoes and then tossing them with oil and vegetables in a skillet.

However, you can skip blanching the potatoes and directly cook them on the stove if you prefer.

Vegetables like onions and peppers go well with potato hash.

Although it’s a traditional breakfast dish, you can also serve potato hash at lunch or dinner with ham.

9. Fondant Potatoes

If you’re looking for a gourmet potato dish to complement ham, fondant potatoes are a perfect choice.

Fondant potatoes are a French recipe.

They’re the perfect side dish for a Sunday roast and are highly preferred by seasoned chefs for their exquisite look.

The texture and taste of these potatoes also go well with ham.

To prepare fondant potatoes, the potatoes are peeled and cut into barrel-shaped pieces before being seasoned and browned on the stovetop.

They’re then placed in a casserole dish and cooked with herbs like thyme and basil in the oven.

You can also cook the potatoes on the stove in a thick-bottom skillet.

Use broth or white wine to braise the potatoes and wait until they’re thoroughly cooked on the inside.

The potatoes should develop a crisp golden crust while being soft and creamy on the inside.

A generous sprinkling of sea salt adds the final touches to this dish.

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10. Honey-Roasted Potatoes

Honey and ham are a perfect pair. However, if you want the ham to be savory, you can add honey to the potatoes.

In honey-roasted potatoes, the potatoes are drenched in honey, mustard powder, and butter.

They’re then baked in the oven till golden and crispy on the outside.

It ends up with sweet but sharp flavors.

You can also add other ingredients like garlic or onion to the mix for added flavor.

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