Can Grill Pans Go In The Oven? (List Of Oven-Safe Pans)

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Oven-safe cookware that’s also suitable for stovetop cooking is an asset to a kitchen. Such versatile items will make your budget go further and help you save on space. Now, grill pans are luxury kitchen tools. Wouldn’t it be great if you could use them for more than grilling? So, can grill pans go in the oven?

Whether grill pans can go in the oven or not depends on the material used in the pan’s construction and if all its parts are heat-resistant. Look for the oven-safe symbol on the base or handle to identify if a grill pan can go in the oven. Cast iron and ceramic grill pans are generally oven-safe.

Let’s take a deeper look at this now.

How Do You Know If A Grill Pan Can Go In The Oven?

The parallel ridges on the base of grill pans produce grill marks on barbecued food.

These ridges separate the food from its cooking juices. It also reduces the steam needed to cook the food.

An outdoor grill cooks food over hot coals or a fire at a high temperature. Ovens also use high heat for cooking food.

However, the temperature of an oven doesn’t usually go as high as a backyard grill.

Stovetop cooking doesn’t involve as much heat as a grill nor an oven.

So, grill pans designed for stovetop cooking may be unable to withstand the high temperature of ovens.

If you use it without checking first, it may end up losing the protective coating, warping, or even leading to a fire.

For a grill pan to be oven-safe, it should withstand temperatures up to 500°F for extended durations without melting, warping, or getting damaged.

The presence of the oven-safe symbol indicates that you can use the pan safely in an oven.

Most manufacturers add this symbol to the base or handle of the pan.

Generally, heavy metal pans made of iron, cast iron, and ceramic are oven safe.

These pans heat evenly and retain heat for a long time.

Good quality stainless steel and aluminum pans with heavy bases will also usually work in ovens.

However, thin pans made from these metals may not be built to withstand high temperatures.

Non-stick grill pans are also not usually suitable for oven use.

Additionally, you can’t use grill pans with wooden or plastic handles in an oven.

While the base material may be oven-safe, the handle will be unable to withstand very high temperatures.

They may burn, melt, or release toxic fumes. This can prove hazardous and even lead to appliance fires.

If the base of the pan is made with oven-safe material and it has a detachable handle, you can temporarily remove the handle and place it in an oven.

However, most oven-safe grill pans are not suitable for broiling.

So, avoid using it under the broiler setting of your oven to prevent permanent damage.

Now, let’s look at the popular grill pan brands and whether you can use them in an oven.

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Can Le Creuset Grill Pans Go In The Oven?

Le Creuset has a variety of cookware, including those specifically designed for grilling purposes.

Le Creuset pans made of cast iron can go in the oven. This metal can withstand temperatures up to 500°F, which is as high as oven temperatures go.

However, Le Creuset grill pans have a black non-stick enamel coating.

The company mentions that these enameled pans are heat resistant up to 480°F.

So, you shouldn’t exceed this temperature setting when using them in an oven.

Nonetheless, ensure that the pan doesn’t have a wooden handle.

While grill pans with cast iron or stainless-steel handles are oven-safe, those with wooden handles are not.

To be on the safe side, check for the oven-safe symbol on the base of the pan.

It will help you confirm that your Le Creuset grill pan is safe for oven use.

Can Pampered Chef Grill Pan Go In The Oven?

Pampered Chef grill pans are oven safe up to 480°F. The lids are also oven-safe, but only up to a temperature of 400°F. However, their handle is not oven-safe. So, you would have to remove the detachable handle before using it in an oven.

You shouldn’t use Pampered Chef grill pans for broiling. So, never use it under the broiler setting on your oven.

Can A Calphalon Grill Pan Go In The Oven?

Most Calphalon pans are oven safe up to 400°F. Some of their collections are designed to handle even higher temperatures.

Calphalon grill pans are made from heavy-duty hard-anodized aluminum. They are suitable for high heat cooking.

The heavy base distributes heat evenly and cooks the food thoroughly.

You can use them for oven cooking at temperatures up to 450°F.

You can also use this pan in both electric and gas ovens up to this temperature.

Remember that the handles can become very hot when you use these pans in ovens.

So, be very careful while removing these pans from the oven.

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Can The Rock Grill Pan Go In The Oven?

The Rock grill pan is a versatile piece of cookware.

It’s compatible with most cooking surfaces, including gas and electric, and is budget-friendly.

The Rock grill pan is safe for oven use. It has a non-stick ceramic surface, that heats evenly and helps to cook ingredients thoroughly in their juices.

You can even use it on BBQs if you leave the lid of the outdoor grill open during cooking.

However, remember that the rock grill pan is not suitable for broiling.

It’s not recommended to use this grill pan at very high temperatures.

Since the handles will get hot in the oven, always use oven mittens to remove them from the oven.

Can All Clad Grill Pans Go In The Oven?

All Clad has a wide range of oven-safe cookware.

Hence, it is widely recognized as a brand that is versatile, reliable, and luxurious.

Except for their glass lids and a few non-stick pieces, you can use most All Clad cookware in ovens. Double-check for the oven-safe symbol on the All Clad grill pan to make sure it is suitable for oven use.

All Clad grill pans have hard-anodized non-stick surfaces.

They are made of heavy aluminum and secured with stainless steel handles.

You can use these pans in ovens for temperatures up to 500°F.

The manufacturer assures that it can withstand high temperatures without becoming damaged.

However, avoid using All Clad grill pans for broiling.

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Can Ikea Grill Pans Go In The Oven?

Ikea grill pans are a budget-friendly option when you want to enjoy the rich and smoky flavor of grilled food without spending a fortune on the equipment for it.

These grill pans are primarily designed for stovetop use. They have an aluminum base and Teflon coating.

These grill pans also come with wooden handles. You can use it on gas, ceramic, glass, and electric cooktops.

Although Ikea grill pans can withstand temperatures of up to 450°F, they are not suitable for oven use because they have wooden handles.

The handles can catch fire in an oven when the temperature rises.

It can prove very dangerous. So, avoid using the Ikea grill pan in ovens.


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