15 Unique Tomatoes That Grow in Clusters

Tomatoes on the vine

The massive demand for tomatoes led to the development of hundreds of tomato cultivars with specific types of adaptations.

Cluster tomatoes are a particular favorite because they’re suited for greenhouse farming.

Not only do they look beautiful, but they also ripen faster and are good for cooking and snacking.

Here are some of the best tomatoes that grow in clusters.

15 Tomatoes That Grow In Clusters

Cluster tomatoes are also called tomatoes on the vine (TOVs).

They were not as popular as field tomatoes till greenhouse farming grew.

Once the greenhouse tomato industry took root, cluster tomatoes also started thriving.

These tomatoes produce many fruits on one vine.

Let’s take a look at the most popular of these cluster tomatoes.

1. Sweet Cluster Tomatoes

Sweet cluster tomatoes are available in the market all year.

They’re hybrid tomatoes that grow in bunches of six to eight fruits per branch.

The tomatoes on a branch will ripen in quick succession.

They have a delicious sweetness that works extremely well in sauces and salads.

These tomatoes are also good for cooking. They are usually harvested while they’re still on the vine.

Sweet cluster tomatoes are indeterminate round tomatoes, so the vines keep growing throughout the plant’s lifespan.

The fruits grow to medium size and weigh between 4 and 5 oz when they’re ready for harvesting.

2. Razzleberry Tomatoes

Razzleberry tomatoes are hybrid tomatoes with a distinct pink color. They’re resistant to pests and bugs.

Although these tomato plants are determinate, they produce plenty of fruits. Each tomato is 6 to 7 oz when fully ripe.

This variety of tomato has high sugar content. It’s a gourmet tomato with a juicy texture and mildly sweet flavor.

It’s hardly acidic and hence a good choice for making juices and salads.

3. Early Cascade Tomatoes

Early Cascade tomatoes are an indeterminate tomato variety specially bred for cooler climates.

They produce fruits within two months of planting, and the fruits can be harvested from early summer to the first frost.

The tomatoes are of medium-size with a beautiful red color.

They’re extremely disease-resistant and hold up longer than other tomato varieties. They’re firm with thick skin.

Due to their delicious flavors, they’re widely used for canning. They’re also good for cooking.

These tomatoes are used in sandwiches, salads, and salsas.

4. Sungold Tomatoes

Sungold is a popular variety of small cherry tomatoes. These indeterminate tomatoes grow to a maximum of 2 cms.

They have delicious tangy flavors that make them good for snacking.

They’re also a good addition to salads. Furthermore, you can grill, saute, and stew them for various dishes.

These tomatoes don’t turn red, but they become a lovely golden-orange color when ripe.

Once the plants start producing fruits, you will have a steady harvest at least twice every week throughout the summer months.

These tomatoes are ready for use as soon as they lose their green color.

They taste best when freshly plucked off the vine.

They have firm flesh and hold up well for longer than other tiny cherry tomatoes.

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5. Juliette Tomatoes

Julliette tomatoes are one of the most popular and easily-available cherry tomatoes.

They’re also called grape tomatoes because they look like grapes.

These tomatoes also have a high sugar content and are very sweet.

These tomatoes are resilient to diseases and pests.

Being indeterminate tomatoes, the plants produce fruits throughout the summer.

The fruits grow to 1 to 2 oz and are very flavorful.

Although small, Juliettes are thick-skinned and have firm flesh.

They’re good in salads, sandwiches, and pesto. You can also enjoy their flavors by grilling or sauteing them.

6. Maglia Rosa Tomatoes

Maglia Rosa tomatoes are a lovely sight when they begin to produce fruit.

These tomatoes look like clusters of orange oval jewels hanging off the vines.

They’re semi-determinate tomatoes, and the fruits grow to 2 to 3 inches in length.

They have a distinct elongated egg-like shape and develop a mottled pink color when ripe.

The flavor of this tomato is a perfect balance of sweetness and sourness, like ketchup.

The fruits are ready for harvest as soon as they lose their green color.

They taste good in salads. You can also use them for cooking.

7. Sweetheart Of The Patio Tomatoes

Cherry tomatoes

This tomato variety produces some of the sweetest cherry tomatoes.

It’s a high-yielding semi-determinate hybrid variety that produces large clusters of fruits.

The fruits are very flavorful and grow to be one inch each.

You can harvest them on the vine as soon as they begin changing color from green.

Sweetheart of the patio tomatoes resemble grapes when they’re ready to be plucked.

Their excellent sweetness and convenient size make them good snacking fruit.

They’re also disease-resistant tomatoes.

8. Black Pearl Tomatoes

Black pearl is a hybrid indeterminate tomato variety.

It produces large clusters of deep mahogany tomatoes with complex flavors.

The tomatoes weigh eight to twelve ounces each.

Like most black tomatoes, the Black pearl also takes longer than other cherry tomatoes to ripen and become the final deep indigo or mahogany color.

The fruits are deliciously tangy with hints of sweetness.

They taste great in Italian dishes like pizzas. They also add beautiful color to bruschettas and salads.

9. Macxize Tomatoes

Macxize is a big-cluster tomato that produces abundant orange-red tomatoes.

This hybrid tomato produces five to six fruits in each cluster.

The tomatoes are jointless, and all fruits in a cluster ripen simultaneously.

Macxize tomatoes are hardy. The fruits boast rich flavors and have thick skin and juicy flesh.

They require minimum care and maintenance.

These tomatoes also hold up well in storage. They’re good for cooking as well as eating raw.

10. Green Envy Tomatoes

Green envy is a tomato breed with emerald green fruits.

The tomatoes are deliciously sweet with a hint of acidity. They have firm and meaty flesh.

These tomatoes grow as big as grapes. When they’re fully ripe, the green color turns slightly translucent.

However, it doesn’t change into a yellow or red color.

These tomatoes have multiple uses.

You can add them to tomato salads for their beautiful color that will contrast with the red and orange colors of other varieties.

They’re also good for grilling, baking, and cooking. You can also use them in salsas and pesto.

11. Italian Ice Tomatoes

Italian Ice is a specialty tomato hybrid that changes from green to a lemon-white or light-yellow color when fully ripe.

It’s an indeterminate variety that produces large clusters of fruits throughout the summer.

The flesh of Italian ice tomatoes is sweet and juicy.

It has a very low acidity level, and the fruits look perfectly round.

You can eat them raw or use them in pasta, pesto, salsa, sandwiches, and various other dishes.

12. Sunchocola Tomatoes

The sunchocola is a gourmet tomato with uniquely smoky flavors.

The plant produces large clusters of eight to twelve fruits per vine.

These tomatoes have high sugar content. However, the sweetness is balanced by notes of acidity.

These cherry tomatoes don’t keep for too long and are best refrigerated to maximize their usability.

13. Baby Boomer Tomatoes

Baby boomer tomatoes are high-yielding bush tomatoes that produce large clusters of cherry tomatoes throughout the growing season.

The fruits have a rich red color when fully ripe.

This low-maintenance plant bears fruit quickly.

A cage or support is often necessary to help the branches stay upright and avoid falling down once it starts producing fruits.

These tomatoes are very sweet and tangy.

They’re perfect for snacking. You can also cook with these tomatoes.

14. Tiny Tim Tomatoes

Tiny Tim tomatoes are a good choice for gardeners faced with limited space.

This hybrid dwarf variety produces tiny cherry tomatoes, hence the name.

The plant grows well in containers and can be placed indoors or on the patio or deck.

The entire plant won’t grow beyond 20 inches in height. However, it produces an abundance of tomatoes.

The vines are stocky and covered with fruits once the plant matures.

Tiny Tim yields fruit surprisingly quickly, and you can harvest the tomatoes within forty-five to sixty days of planting.

The tomatoes barely grow bigger than grapes. They’re great for snacking.

You can also add them to salsa or pesto.

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15. Midnight Snack Tomatoes

Midnight snack is an award-winning tomato breed that produces large clusters of beautiful tomatoes with unique colors.

The fruits have a stunning purple color on the top and olive green on the base when ripe.

It’s rich in anti-oxidants and a very healthy tomato.

The plants grow quickly, and you can harvest fruit within sixty-five to seventy days of planting.

These tomatoes are medium-size and round. They change from green to a deep red color.

The purple hue appears only when the plants receive enough sunlight, which activates the anthocyanin pigments in the skin.

These tomatoes are delicious for snacking. You can also use them for cooking.

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