12 Fascinating Tomato Varieties That Grow In Pots

Tomatoes growing in a pot

Growing tomatoes can be a challenge when you don’t have a garden.

However, some varieties are well-suited for container gardening.

You can conveniently grow them in pots, grow bags, or containers on your porch or terrace.

Let’s look at which varieties are suitable for this need.

12 Tomatoes That Can Grow In Pots

When growing tomatoes in pots, you should provide the plants with enough nutrients, water, and sunlight to ensure a good harvest.

Medium and small tomatoes are better for container gardening because they adapt to limited water and space conditions.

Here’s a list of such tomatoes that do well in pots.

1. Tiny Tim

Tiny Tim tomatoes are dwarf tomatoes that thrive in garden pots.

These plants produce green grape-sized tomatoes that turn red when fully ripe.

The plants don’t grow beyond 20 inches and will adjust to the size of the container they are in.

These tomatoes have bushy leaves.

They have a beautiful mix of sweet and tart flavors. The fruits are deliciously juicy, with a nice crunch.

The main benefit of growing these tomatoes is that they produce an ample harvest when provided with nutrient-rich soil and plenty of sunlight.

2. Tumbler

Tumbler gets its name from the way the tomatoes cascade and tumble all over the pot or container in which they grow.

This variety is an F1 hybrid that produces large clusters of cherry tomatoes.

It’s a determinate tomato variety that doesn’t need a cage or support for growing.

The plants are compact and suitable for hanging baskets and pots.

Tumbler produces bite-sized flavorful cherry tomatoes.

They’re sweet and perfect for raw eating. You can also use them in vegetable platters and garden salads.

3. Sungold

If you don’t have a garden but have enough space for a large container, Sungold tomatoes are one of the best tomatoes to grow.

This plant was developed by a Japanese company called the Tokita Seed and is a hybrid. 

The main advantage of this variety is that it produces abundant fruit.

They grow to 7 feet and need a cage or trellis for support. 

Sungold tomatoes are wonderfully sweet orange tomatoes.

They thrive when you supply essential nutrients like potash.

The tomatoes will be ready for harvesting within 60 to 65 days of starting the seeds.

4. Glacier

It’s generally not easy to grow indeterminate tomatoes in containers because the plants grow in all directions and need support.

However, Glacier is an exception.

Though it’s an indeterminate variety, the plant doesn’t grow beyond three or four feet.

This compact tomato produces fruits continuously, and you can enjoy an abundant harvest throughout the year.

Glacier tomatoes are medium-sized tomatoes with an orange or red color.

The fruits are sweet with a little tang. You can use them in salads and sandwiches.

5. Plum Regal

Plum Regal is a bush tomato variety. It doesn’t grow beyond four feet. It’s a paste tomato and looks like a plum.

This tomato is widely preferred by home gardeners because it’s very hardy and disease-resistant.

The fruits have a deep red color.

Plum Regal tomatoes are the ideal choice for canning and making sauces.

The inside of the tomato is juicy and deep red. The tomatoes also have thick skin that is resistant to cracking.

6. Black Krim

Black Krim tomatoes

Black Krim is a juicy heirloom tomato from Russia. It’s a type of beefsteak tomato.

The plant grows to medium size and bears large fruit.

This variety grows well in containers of at least 12 inches size.

Though the plants grow vigorously, they don’t require much space.

Hence, they’re well-suited for container gardening.

Black Krim tomato plants produce fruits with a deep purple-black color. They have a unique flavor.

The fruits are sweet and salty, with a hint of smokiness.

7. Sunrise Sauce

Sunrise Sauce is the perfect patio tomato because of its compact size, which makes it great for pots.

The plant is a determinate variety. It produces short vines that need support to grow well.

Hence, it’s best to confine it to a cage.

Once the plant starts bearing fruits, the tomatoes appear in quick succession, and they ripen quickly.

The continuous harvest makes it a good choice for pickling and preservation.

Sunrise Sauce tomatoes are sweet and flavorful.

They’re easy to peel and have thick and delicious flesh. The fruits are bright orange.

8. San Marzano

San Marzano tomatoes are a high-yielding variety that you can grow in large five-gallon pots.

This indeterminate tomato variety produces long and oval cherry tomatoes.

The vines keep growing and need support in the form of a cage or trellis.

The plant usually grows to a maximum height of four to six feet.

The main benefit of growing San Marzano tomatoes is that they produce a lot of fruits.

A single plant will produce around a hundred tomatoes under optimum growing conditions.

The fruits have a fleshy texture and are bright red.

9. Jet Star

Jet Star tomatoes are indeterminate tomatoes.

However, the plants produce compact vines, and hence you can use them for container gardening.

These plants are smaller than most tomato plants, and the fruits are small.

The plants produce a good harvest, and all the tomatoes ripen quickly.

The tomatoes are large and globe-shaped with blemish-free red skin.

These tomatoes have very low acidity and are sweet. They’re rich in flavor and juicy.

These tomatoes are best suited for salads, sandwiches, and other dishes that use raw tomatoes.

You can also can the tomatoes and preserve them for later use.

10. Clear Pink Early

As the name suggests, Clear Pink Early produces pretty pink fruits that ripen quickly.

You can harvest tomatoes within sixty days of planting the seed.

This tomato is an heirloom variety that exhibits determinate growth.

It’s compact and suitable for container gardening.

The plant produces trusses laden with clusters of fruits.

The fruits have an attractive color and look beautiful with blemish-free skin.

The tomatoes are globe-shaped. They have an excellent sweet and tangy flavor.

You can eat it raw as well as use it for cooking.

11. Better Bush

Better Bush tomatoes are determinate tomatoes that grow well in containers.

However, you must use deep and large pots to allow the roots enough space to spread.

These tomatoes have stocky stems that hold up well.

Nonetheless, they will do better if you grow them in a small cage that supports the vines.

Better Bush tomatoes bear tasty medium-size fruits that are good for salads and sandwiches.

The fruits are red, meaty, and sweet.

12. Celebrity

Celebrity tomatoes are an award-winning American tomato variety that is highly disease-resistant and hardy.

They’re easy to grow and do well in pots when they receive enough water, sunlight, and nutrients.

The bushes grow to three or four feet in height.

The plant will grow taller if there is enough space and the environmental factors are favorable for its growth.

Celebrity tomatoes produce plenty of fruits.

Depending on the quality of the soil, the tomatoes may be medium or large.

They’re full of flavor and the perfect choice for sauces and pastes.

You can also use them in sandwiches and pesto.

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