6 Unique Models of Rice Cookers that Keep Rice Warm for Days

Rice cooker that keeps food warm

One of the easiest ways to make rice is using a rice cooker.

You just have to add rice and enough water to the rice cooker; it takes care of the rest.

Most rice cookers even come with a “keep warm” function that keeps the rice fresh and hot after cooking.

Let’s look at some rice cookers with extended “keep warm” functionality that keeps the rice fresh for several hours or days after cooking.

Which Rice Cookers Can Keep Rice Warm for A Long Time?

The high moisture content of rice promotes bacteria growth, making it highly perishable.

Hence, food experts don’t recommend leaving rice out for too long.

The texture of rice also changes when it’s left at room temperature for too long.

Rice cookers with a “keep warm” function can keep the rice at a temperature above 140°F to prevent bacteria growth.

Here are some of the premium rice cooker brands with this attractive feature.

1. Zojirushi Micom Rice Cooker

Zojirushi is a leading Japanese brand with a wide range of rice cookers.

Their Micom rice cooker has many smart functionalities and extra features that set it apart from other rice cookers.

The operation of this rice cooker is carried out by a microcomputer.

The Micom model has “keep warm” functionality.

It can also keep rice warm for extended durations when you enable the “extended keep warm” button.

These rice cookers can keep rice warm for several hours after the cooking cycle.

The regular “keep warm” setting keeps rice fresh and hot for twelve hours.

However, it stays warm for much longer in the “extended keep warm” setting.

You can also use the same appliance to reheat rice.

Zojirushi rice cookers have various other attractive features like precise cooking technology, easy-to-clean parts, a retractable cord, and an easy-to-read panel with a clock and timer.

2. Toshiba Digital Programmable Rice Cooker

The Toshiba rice cooker is powered by fuzzy logic.

It’s a compact and sturdy model with various attractive features, including extended keep-warm functionality.

When you cook rice in this cooker, it automatically switches to the “Keep warm” mode after cooking.

Furthermore, you can program the appliance to keep the contents warm for up to thirty hours.

However, the manufacturer doesn’t recommend using the “keep warm” function for more than a few hours.

This appliance is well-designed to cook various types of rice, including white rice, brown rice, mixed grain rice, quick rice, slow-cooking rice, and other variants.

It also comes with a non-stick inner pot and detachable steam vent and lid, which are easy to clean.

There are eight pre-set menu options on this rice cooker. The LED smart panel is easy to read and use.

The inner pot, lid, and vent are detachable and easy to clean and reload.

The compact structure and size also make this device very easy to store.

3. Cuckoo CRP-RT0609FW Rice Cooker

Cuckoo is a Korean rice cooker brand that is renowned for its trendy and technically advanced rice cooker designs.

The Cuckoo CRP-RT0609FW rice cooker is an advanced model from the brand powered by smart technology.

This appliance has a smart system that can automatically detect the grain type and set the cooking temperature.

The results are always impressive, and you will rarely end up with burnt or uncooked rice.

After cooking, Cuckoo rice cookers automatically switch to “Keep warm” mode.

In this mode, the temperature of the inner container is above 140°F, which prevents the rice from spoiling.

You can also program the device to keep the rice warm for more than twenty-four hours.

It will not become dry or mushy.

Although it’s possible to keep rice fresh in the appliance for so long, it’s not recommended.

Other attractive features of this premium rice cooker include easy-to-clean parts and multiple menu options.

This rice cooker also comes with a musical feature that you can activate.

When you choose this feature, the rice cooker will sing a musical jingle when the cooking cycle is over.

It will also automatically switch to the keep warm mode after cooking.

You can also reprogram the rice cooker to play a beep or remain silent after the cooking cycle if you prefer.

4. Mishcdea Rice Cooker

The Mishcdea small rice cooker is a compact and trendy-looking kitchen appliance with extensive functionalities.

It’s portable and just the right size to carry while traveling.

You can use this appliance to cook a variety of dishes, and not just rice.

This rice cooker has a 24-hour timer, a keep warm feature, and a countdown option.

After the cooking cycle is over, the keep warm function is automatically activated.

It can stay in this mode for up to twenty-four hours, and the rice will remain fresh, soft, and fluffy.

Another attractive feature is that all the parts of the Mishcdea rice cooker are easily detachable.

This makes it easy to clean and reassemble.

It has seven function keys for different types of cooking.

The water line indicators inside the non-stick pot also make measurements easy.

5. DCIGNA Mini Rice Cooker

The DCIGNA mini rice cooker is a compact rice cooker with a capacity of only 1.2 L.

However, it has various advanced features, and it’s very travel-friendly.

This little rice cooker is very versatile, and you can use it to prepare more than just rice.

It can also cook oatmeal, stew, soup, and various other dishes.

The cooker automatically switches to the “keep warm” setting when it finishes cooking.

There is no time limit for this setting, and the rice cooker will continue in this mode until you switch it off.

Hence, you can use it to keep rice warm for several hours after cooking.

Nonetheless, it’s not recommended to leave rice outside for more than a few hours since it can lose its moisture and become too dry.

The inner pot of the DCIGNA mini rice cooker is dishwasher-safe, which makes it easy to clean.

It also comes with a steaming pan and all the other accessories that you need for cooking.

The entire appliance is easy to clean and convenient to store and transport.

6. Zojirushi NP HCC 10/18 Rice Cooker

This rice cooker from the famous Zojirushi brand uses induction technology for cooking.

It has multiple menu options and can prepare a variety of dishes apart from rice.

For cooking rice, this specific model has various menu options to choose from for different types of rice.

The Zojirushi NP HCC rice cookers have a regular keep warm function.

After the cooking cycle, the rice cooker produces a beep or musical alert and switches to the keep warm mode.

In this mode, the rice stays warm at a temperature above 140°F for eight hours.

However, if you want the rice to be fresh for much longer, you can choose the “extended keep warm” mode.

This option is available in the menu settings, and you can easily activate it by pressing a button.

Like the other Zojirushi rice cookers, this rice cooker also has an attractive exterior with a metallic finish.

The LCD panel is easy to operate and clean. The multiple menu options are self-explanatory.

The parts that need cleaning, like the inner lid and container, are detachable.

Though they can’t be placed in a dishwasher, they’re easy to clean.

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