10 Unique Potatoes That Can Sprout

Potato sprouting

Regardless of how you store potatoes, these vegetables will eventually sprout.

Environmental conditions like the availability of sunlight, humidity, and proximity to other produce can affect the speed at which they sprout.

Some potatoes sprout faster than others.

Let’s take a look at some of these varieties.

10 Potatoes that Sprout Quickly

You may have occasionally noticed potatoes with fresh green sprouts emerging from their eyes.

While they aren’t the best for cooking and eating, sprouted potatoes are good for growing.

You can use them to produce more potatoes.

Here are some potatoes that you can use for this purpose.

1. Kennebec

Kennebec is an attractive gourmet potato with smooth, unblemished skin and soft, creamy flesh.

It’s a medium-starch variety that is relatively easy to grow.

You can use sprouted Kennebec potatoes to grow a new batch.

The potato produces greyish green sprouts with a purple color at the base.

The best thing about this potato is that it produces a significantly high yield.

It’s also easy to grow and is generally disease-resistant.

Kennebec potatoes grow quickly and hold up well in storage. They’re very versatile.

These potatoes have a creamy and fluffy texture that isn’t too starchy or dry.

They’re used to make chips and in potato salads.

2. Red Pontiac

Red Pontiac is another gourmet potato.

You can recognize them by their thin red skin. It has deliciously sweet flesh.

These potatoes are easy to grow and suitable for beginners as well.

They quickly produce sprouts when kept in storage.

You can speed up the sprouting process by exposing the spuds to sunlight and moisture.

Seed potatoes of Red Pontiac are typically started indoors and planted in soil in spring.

Red Pontiac potatoes grow well in fertile soils. They need plenty of water.

The potatoes mature within eighty to hundred days of planting and are ready for harvest.

These potatoes are a good choice for potato mash. You can also bake, boil, grill, or use them in salads.

3. French Fingerling Potatoes

French Fingerling potatoes are heirloom potato varieties. They have a distinct oval shape.

These potatoes are tasty, with a delicious nutty flavor.

You can easily identify them by their elongated shape. They’re long and thin and resemble fingers.

Although a late-season variety, they’re not too difficult to grow.

These potatoes have dark red skin and yellow flesh. The flesh has red specks.

The tender skin of the potato easily breaks apart to give way to sprouts.

The potatoes do well in well-drained and fertile soil.

There are multiple ways to use fingerling potatoes. You can use them in salads and French fries.

Fingerling potatoes are also good for roasting and mashing.

4. Magic Molly

Magic Molly is a unique purple potato. It has a vivid and exotic color. These potatoes also have a smoky flavor.

The spuds don’t lose their characteristic purple color on boiling, and the cooked flesh is a pretty purple.

Magic Molly is a late-season potato. It’s a small to medium-sized tuber.

These potatoes have semi-smooth skin and an oblong shape. The flesh is very juicy.

When you cut the potato, it releases a purple liquid. The flavors of the potato develop as the spud matures.

It’s sweet when small and young but develops a stronger earthy flavor when it grows.

The texture of the Magic Molly makes it suitable for all types of dishes ranging from potato mash to salads and casseroles.

You can also use it for chips and fries.

5. Princess Laratte

Princess Laratte is a French gourmet potato.

It’s renowned for its nutty flavors and subtle sweetness that make it a valuable addition to any dish.

The taste of this potato resembles chestnuts, hazelnuts, and even almonds.

This distinct flavor profile makes it widely preferred.

The potato has an elongated oblong shape. It has pale-yellow or brown skin with light specks and golden flesh.

This plant grows best in full sun.

You can start the seeds indoors and later transplant them into the soil once the sprouts grow well.

6. Yukon Gold

Yukon Gold potatoes

Yukon Gold is a very popular and widely available variety of potatoes.

You can find it at most supermarkets, and it’s available all year.

Yukon Gold potatoes that you buy from the supermarket may not be the best choice for sowing.

Nevertheless, they can also produce new potatoes when planted.

If you store this potato for more than two to three weeks, it will start sprouting.

This variety was first developed in Canada. It’s a waxy potato that yields fluffy potato mash.

Yukon Gold also has a rich and creamy flavor that makes it very popular.

You can use this potato for roasting, grilling, and frying.

7. Purple Majesty

Purple Majesty is an heirloom potato with striking purple flesh.

It’s an early-maturing potato with wine-colored skin and a characteristic oblong shape.

The potatoes sprout in moist and humid places when they’re exposed to light.

You can also buy seed potatoes and use them for sowing.

Purple Majesty potatoes grow to full size in eighty-five to ninety days.

They have a deep purple color and bold and sweet flavors.

You can use these potatoes in various dishes, including casseroles and salads.

They also make a beautiful purple mash.

8. Accent Potatoes

Accent potatoes are easy to grow. They’re versatile potatoes with delicious flavors.

The texture of the flesh is soft. These potatoes have light-yellow to brown skin and golden yellow flesh.

Accent potatoes are early growers and are ready for harvesting within fourteen weeks of planting.

Being waxy potatoes, Accent potatoes hold up well during boiling.

They don’t turn into mush at high heat. Hence, you can use them in casseroles and stews.

You can also use these potatoes to make delicious potato mash.

9. Casablanca

Casablanca potatoes are beautiful potatoes with white skin and white flesh.

They have a clean and unblemished surface with shallow eyes.

These potatoes are soft and waxy. They’re good for general use and can be used in various ways.

These potatoes also mature early and are hardy and resistant to common crop diseases.

They’re very versatile, and you can use them in a variety of dishes. The tubers make good crispy chips.

You can also use them in casseroles, stews, and potato salads. You can also use them for roasting.

10. Red Duke of York

The Red Duke of York is an attractive potato with excellent flavor and a beautiful floury texture.

This heritage potato breed was first developed in 1942.

It’s an award-winning breed that is popular among home gardeners.

The potato has blemish-free red skin and yellow flesh on the inside.

This potato grows best in moist soil under full sun.

It needs nutrient-dense soil for good growth. The plant is hardy and disease-resistant.

The potatoes take thirteen to sixteen weeks to mature.

You can immediately cook with them after harvesting; they don’t need any further curing.

The best way to enjoy the flavors of this potato is by making potato mash with it.

You can also use this potato in soups, stews, and salads.

It’s also good for frying and making French fries and chips.

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