8 Portable Blender Models that Can Crush Ice

Woman crushing ice in a blender

A portable blender can prove useful if you travel a lot and prefer to make your own smoothies and blends on the go.

While there are plenty of portable blenders on the market, not all of them are strong enough to crush ice.

Nevertheless, you do have choices if you like your drinks to be cold.

Let’s look at a few portable blenders that can crush ice.

Which Portable Blenders Can Crush Ice?

Most traditional blenders can crush ice.

However, portable blenders don’t have such powerful motors, and they can seldom crush ice because it’s harder than blending and pureeing vegetables and fruits.

For crushing ice, a blender should have strong blades and a powerful motor.

Here are some portable blender models that are well-equipped for this task.

1. Cuisinart Evolution X Cordless Blender

This portable Cuisinart blender has all the features that you would expect in a travel-friendly kitchen appliance.

It’s cordless, compact, efficient, powerful, and comes with rechargeable batteries.

The batteries need just two hours to charge fully, and they can hold this charge for several days.

You can continuously run the blender for twenty minutes at a time.

It can hold nearly 16 oz of liquid and comes with a travel lid to secure the contents.

This blender has only one speed setting at which it can crush ice as well as puree thick ingredients.

Apart from making smoothies, you can also use it to whip up salad dressings, juice, and spice pastes.

The only drawback of this blender is that it doesn’t work while it’s charging.

So you should ensure that the battery has enough charge before you begin using it.

2. Modern Comfort BlenderX Cordless Portable Blender

Though the BlenderX cordless portable blender from Modern Comfort is heavier than other portable blenders, it’s highly efficient and reliable.

The blending jar has a decent 20 oz capacity. It works on a Lithium battery that requires a few hours of charging.

Once charged, the battery retains the charge for several hours.

It also comes with an indicator light that lets you know when the device is in operation.

This blender weighs nearly 5 pounds. The base is sturdy and fitted with vacuum cups that hold it in place.

It’s a good choice for camping, and you can also use it conveniently in RVs.

The blender includes only one jar but comes with a carry bag for convenient handling.

3. PopBabies Portable Blender

This PopBabies blender has various attractive properties that make it one of the best portable blenders on the market.

It’s user-friendly and comes with a detachable jar with a sturdy handle that allows you to lift it off the motor unit.

The indication lines on the jar are visible and clear. It has a single push-button for operation.

The main attractive factor, however, is that the blades are sharp, and the motor is strong enough to crush ice.

A funnel is included with the appliance, which makes it easy to load ingredients into the blender jar.

On the downside, this blender has an attached blade which isn’t very easy to clean.

This factor also makes it necessary to clean the blender jar immediately after each use, or it can become difficult to dislodge gunk from the base.

Additionally, it’s heavy and not the most convenient choice to carry everywhere.

The price of this blender is comparable to that of regular-size standard blenders, and it’s more expensive than most portable blenders on the market.

4. nutribullet GO

The nuitribullet GO is a tiny but powerful device. It can hold only one cup of ingredients at a time.

The cup is small enough to fit in your palm.

However, it’s sturdy and doesn’t break easily, even if accidentally dropped.

The blender blades on the nutribullet aren’t too powerful, and they take longer than other large portable blenders to crush ice.

Nevertheless, it manages to complete the task.

The battery attached to the appliance is powerful and retains the charge for a long time.

Hence, this appliance is good for travel purposes.

You can easily pack it into your bag, even if it’s a small shoulder bag. The cup is quite easy to clean too.

5. Ninja Fit

The Ninja Fit is an excellent portable personal blender that can crush ice into fine granules in seconds.

The size of the cup is just right for making smoothies.

This device uses pulse technology to create the smoothest purees and pastes.

This travel-size blender also includes two extra Nutri-Ninja cups and airtight lids.

Most of the parts are dishwasher-friendly.

It’s built for easy cleaning, and you can prevent gunk from building up if you promptly wash the blender after each use.

The material is good-quality food-grade plastic that isn’t as heavy as glass.

However, the rubber gasket of this device tends to wear off after several uses, and you will need an exact replacement to continue using the blender.

The plastic cups are also more prone to heating than glass cups.

They can end up getting cracked or warped when the heat builds up to high levels.

6. Hamilton Beach Personal Blender

The Hamilton Beach personal blender is a powerful 175-Watt portable blender that can chop ice.

You can also use it for pureeing fruits, nuts, and other ingredients.

It has a compact and attractive design that fits neatly on a countertop.

It’s also convenient to pack and take with you during travel.

This blender has powerful stainless steel blades that cut through ice and chop it into fine powder.

The blending jar doubles up as a travel cup and comes with an extra airtight lid.

Additionally, it’s easy to wash and clean, with most of the parts being dishwasher-friendly.

7. Oster BLSTPB-WBL My Blend

The Oster blender is a smart-looking powerful blender that is perfect for preparing healthy, customized drinks.

It has a powerful 250-Watt motor and is designed as a Blend-and-go sports bottle with a twist-on lid.

This design detail makes it perfect for travel.

The blender can hold 20 oz of liquid. It’s made of BPA-free plastic. It’s easy to clean and maintain too.

This blender also comes with a very convenient one-button blending setting.

It can crush frozen fruit pieces and extract maximum vitamins and nutrients from them.

However, this blender can be quite noisy.

The plastic bottle tends to leak as it grows old. Hence, you may have to replace it faster than if you were using any other blender.

8. Cincred Personal Blender

The best thing about the Cincred personal blender is the ease of use.

All you must do is add all the ingredients to the jar, press the lid down, and blend them.

The blending jar is made of double-layered Tritan that shields the contents from dust.

Another attractive feature is the presence of a slag remover that removes froth and gives it a pure and juicy taste.

It’s well-built for crushing ice and frozen fruits with a rugged and plain base that gives the blender good stability.

It also comes with a gap at the base to roll the wire in. The compact design makes it very portable.

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