Can You Use Canola Oil In A Deep Fryer? [Or Pure Canola Oil?]

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Canola oil is a good culinary oil because it has just 7% saturated fat and an abundance of Omega-6 fatty acids. However, there are various other aspects to consider when choosing an oil for deep-frying. So, can you use canola oil in a deep fryer?

Yes, you can use canola oil in a deep fryer because it has a high smoke point. Being a neutral-tasting and odorless oil, it doesn’t impart any flavor or fragrance to food. It’s also not too expensive. Since deep fryers use large amounts of oil, canola oil is a budget-friendly and practical choice.

Having said that, let’s take a deeper look at this now.

Why Is Canola Oil Suitable For Deep Fryers?

Canola oil is a vegetable oil that is extracted from crushed canola seeds.

It’s a rich source of polyunsaturated fatty acids.

Scientific studies suggest that canola oil reduces disease-related factors and cholesterol. Hence, it’s a heart-healthy oil.

There are different varieties of canola oil, ranging from pure canola oil to refined canola oil.

The properties of the oil will differ according to the extent of processing it undergoes.

Now, healthy cooking oils are not always suitable for deep frying. It is because deep-frying uses high temperatures.

Everyday cooking happens at temperatures below 300°F

However, deep fryers operate at temperatures exceeding 350°F

Only oils that remain stable at these high temperatures are suitable for deep fryers.

If the oil breaks down and releases smoke at high heat, it’s unsuitable for deep frying.

Canola oil is a heat-stable oil. It can withstand high heat without disintegrating. So, canola oil is suitable for deep fryer use.

Here’s why you can use canola oil in your deep-fryer.

1. Canola oil has a high smoking point.

Deep fryers operate at temperatures between 350°F and 375°F.

The oil you choose for this device should be stable at this temperature.

If it disintegrates and you still use it for deep frying, the food will be unsafe to consume.

Most varieties of canola oil have a smoking point of 400°F. 

This is above the temperature at which a deep fryer operates. So, the oil will not break down during deep frying.

2. Canola oil has a neutral taste and odor.

Deep fryers cook food by submerging the ingredients in oil.

Since the oil engulfs the food, it can impart its flavor and odor to food.

Hence, oils with strong fragrances and flavors are not the best choice for deep fryers.

When their flavors seep into the food, it can mask the natural flavor of the ingredients.

However, canola oil doesn’t have a strong taste or smell.

Hence, it’s a good choice for deep fryers since it allows the flavors of the cooking ingredient to shine through.

3. Canola oil is affordable.

For a 3L deep fryer, you will need nearly 2.5L of oil to submerge the cooking ingredient.

So, the cost of the oil can quickly add up if you do a lot of deep-frying.

Now, it can be a challenge to find an inexpensive oil that is stable at high temperatures.

Fortunately, canola oil satisfies these conditions. Moreover, it’s one of the most inexpensive oils you can find.

So it’s an ideal choice for deep frying.

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How Long Can You Use Canola Oil In A Deep Fryer?

It’s a common practice to reuse the same cooking oil in a deep fryer for cooking multiple times.

However, the oil will degrade with continuous use. It will change color and affect the taste and flavor of the cooked item.

You can use canola oil eight to ten times before discarding it.

However, it’s important to remove the oil after each use, strain it, and store it well until the subsequent use.

Depending on the items you fry, the oil can show visible signs of deterioration before eight or ten uses.

Furthermore, when batter and breading drip into the oil, it can lower the smoking point of the oil.

For instance, you can use canola oil to cook potato chips and fried chicken in your deep fryer.

The oil will turn color and smell stronger when you use it to cook chicken.

So in this case, you can use the oil only a few times than if you were using it to fry potato chips.

Regardless of the ingredient, it’s ideal to change the oil as soon as it changes color, starts smelling, or makes the food greasy.

Can You Use Pure Canola Oil In A Deep Fryer?

You can’t use pure canola oil in a deep fryer. Available data suggest that unrefined pure canola oil has a smoke point of 225°F. So while you can use it for cooking, it’s not the best choice for a deep fryer.

Meanwhile, expeller-pressed canola oil and refined canola oil have smoking points exceeding 375°F.

Therefore, it’s better to use these varieties for deep frying.

The degree of refinement affects the stability of oils. The more refined an oil is, the higher is its smoke point.

Hence, refined oils are more stable at higher temperatures than pure oil.

Most varieties of canola oil have a high smoking point.

However, refined canola oil will be more stable than pure canola oil at high temperatures.

In its pure form, canola oil has low amounts of saturated fatty acids.

It will also retain most of the nutrients in canola seeds since it is minimally processed.

However, you can’t use it in a deep fryer because of its low smoke point.

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5 Things To Remember When Using Canola Oil In A Deep Fryer

Canola oil is a good choice for deep-frying.

Nonetheless, you should keep certain factors in mind when using this oil for your deep fryer.

1. Choose refined canola oil over pure canola oil.

Pure canola oil is healthier than processed or refined canola oil. However, it also has a lower smoking point.

Since deep fryers work at temperatures above 350°F, pure canola oil isn’t a good choice for them.

Use refined canola oil instead since it’s stable at high temperatures and will not disintegrate during deep-frying.

2. Check the expiration date of the oil.

You can use most cooking oils for at least six months after opening the packaging.

Nonetheless, always check the packaging to confirm the expiry date.

Avoid using canola oil that is past expiry in a deep fryer. Even if it doesn’t smell rancid, it can be unhealthy to consume.

3. Check for signs of deterioration and discard the oil.

You can reuse canola oil several times in a deep fryer. However, the oil will disintegrate with each consecutive use.

The quality of the oil will also be affected by the ingredient you cook in it.

It can be dangerous to consume food fried in the oil after it breaks down.

Look for signs of discoloration or strong smells. If you notice either of them, it’s time to discard the oil.

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4. Store canola oil properly between uses.

Although you can get multiple uses out of canola oil in a deep fryer, you should take care to store it properly between uses.

Remove the oil from the deep fryer after it cools. Then strain it and remove any burnt food from it.

Finally, store it in an airtight container away from moisture and heat to keep it in usable condition for much longer.


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