5 Popular Brands with Deep Fryer Models that Use Little Oil

Deep fryer that uses little-oil

Certain foods taste best when deep-fried.

Although you can deep fry them in a regular pan on the stovetop, a deep fryer makes things a lot easier.

These appliances give you more control over the frying process and produce better results.

While most deep fryers require a lot of oil for cooking, there are exceptions.

Let’s find out more about such deep fryers that use less oil.

Which Deep Fryers Need Less Oil?

During deep frying, it’s necessary to submerge the food in oil.

This means that the device should hold enough oil to engulf the food.

However, there are deep fryers that are designed to use less oil.

Small deep fryers will usually use less oil, and they’re good for cooking small quantities of food at a time.

Here’s a list of such deep fryers that use less oil.

1. Presto

If you are looking for a compact deep fryer that can cook a large amount of food at once, the Presto Cool Daddy will impress you.

This deep fryer has several advanced features that make it a good buy compared to traditional deep fryers.

It looks modern, sleek, and stylish with a shiny black cool exterior.

The operating temperature ranges from 250°F to 375°F.

This appliance comes with an indicator light that glows when the oil is hot, and you can place the basket in it.

Additionally, it also comes with a viewing window that allows you to check on the progress of the cooking without opening the lid each time.

Another impressive feature is the charcoal filter in the lid that sucks any odor out of the deep fryer.

The frying pot is non-stick and easy to clean.

There are buttons to open the lid. The food must be placed inside a mesh basket that attaches to the handle.

The basket will be lowered into the fryer unit using the handle.

The handle stays cool during operation, and it protects the user from accidental burns.

After locking the basket in place, you can close the lid of the deep fryer and leave it to do its work.

2. Ovente

The Ovente electric oil deep fryer is a compact deep fryer with a tiny footprint.

It can hold up to 0.9L of oil for deep frying.

This appliance has a wide temperature range, from 176°F to 374°F, which is perfect for deep frying a variety of ingredients.

This device is user-friendly and even comes with a menu list on the front.

It displays the cooking temperature for different ingredients, eliminating the need for any guesswork.

This deep fryer has a powerful heating element that heats the oil inside the container in mere minutes.

So, you can cook several batches of food in a single go and save time, money, and oil.

The food to be cooked must be placed in a circular basket that comes with the fryer.

Once you immerse the basket in the oil, you can close the lid of the device and leave it to cook.

This is an impressive safety feature that prevents oil from splattering and causing untoward accidents.

Additionally, the cool-touch handles and odor filter further enhance the efficiency of this appliance.

The non-stick interior basket and stainless-steel exterior are both very easy to clean.

3. De’Longhi

The De’Longhi Rotofry deep fryer has a generous two-and-a-half-pound capacity, which is enough to feed an entire family.

However, it requires only half as much oil as a traditional fryer to cook the same amount of food.

This is because of its special rotating basket with a tilting feature.

The basket tilts during the operation of the deep fryer and brings the food into contact with the oil.

This action helps it crisp up completely.

It also has an easy oil-draining system that separates hot oil from fried items.

It makes it a lot easier and safer to handle the food after the deep-frying process.

By pulling out the basket containing the food, the surplus oil drains into the collecting container leaving the food behind.

Not only does this save oil for consequent uses, but it also makes food much safer to handle.

This deep fryer has an adjustable thermostat and indicator light for safe operation.

You can use it to cook foods at temperatures between 300°F and 370°F.

Additionally, all the parts of this deep fryer are detachable and dishwasher-friendly.

It has inbuilt replaceable filters for easy clean-up and odor control.

The patented safety shield prevents oil from dripping on the detachable cord, and the deep fryer remains cool on the outside during and after operation.

4. Cuisinart

The Cuisinart compact deep fryer is one of the best deep fryers when it comes to low oil consumption.

Although it looks small, it has a deep pot that holds enough oil to cook several batches of food.

This appliance can fry up to three batches of food in just one liter of oil.

It’s simple to operate. It comes with a rotating knob to set the temperature.

The temperature of this appliance ranges from 250°F to 375°F.

It has a powerful heating element of 1500 Watts which heats the oil very quickly and prepares it for frying.

The dual-indicator light indicates when the oil is ready for cooking.

After placing the food inside the basket and lowering it into the oil container, you can close the lid.

This will prevent splattering and grease build-up in the area surrounding the deep fryer.

It’s easy to check whether the food is ready by looking through the viewing window on the lid.

The exterior of this deep fryer is made of stainless steel. It has a non-stick inner pot that is easy to clean.

The fryer remains cool even during use, making it safe to handle.

Another safety feature is the detachable power cord that makes it convenient to store.

5. Chefman

The Chefman Fry Guy deep fryer is a simple-looking device that holds up to one liter of oil.

It has a deep container that allows us to fry several ingredients in one go.

The device barely occupies any counter space and even comes with foldable handles for easy storage.

This deep fryer consumes less oil and is built for efficient cooking.

It has a 1000W capacity and heats up very quickly.

It has an inner mesh basket with a clip-on feature for added safety.

You can place the ingredients inside the basket and clip it to the side to hold it in place.

The oil drains out of the basket after the food is fried, and you can simply lift it out when done.

You can reuse the filtered oil several times to cook more than just one batch of ingredients.

The exterior is made of stainless steel, and it has a non-stick interior container.

This deep fryer is easy to clean and maintain. It’s also very convenient to store after use.

The exterior of the deep fryer remains cool to the touch even during operation.

It comes with a rotary knob for setting the temperature.

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